David Bowie To Have And Not Have - Live And Rare

David Bowie To Have And Not Have – Live And Rare

01: Five Years (Unreleased Studio Version 1972)
02: Waiting For The Man (New York ’76)
03: “Heroes” (Earls Court, London 1978)
04: What In The World (Earls Court, London 1978)
05: Space Oddity (Marquee Club, London 1973)
06: Spirits In The Night (Trident Studios 1973)
07: Rupert The Riley Version 2 (Unused Ryko Bonus Track)
08: Miss Perculiar (Unused Ryko Bonus Track)
09: Life On Mars? (Unreleased Peter Noone Acetate)
10: Untitled (From Black Tie White Noise Sessions)

Track 2 was ommited from the original FM broadcast as there is a minor tape glitch on this track at around 0:29 but despite this it’s an amazing version.
Tracks 3 & 4 were originally short-listed for use on the Trident/NMC compilation “RarestOneBowie” but not used.
Track 6 is performed by The Astronettes. It’s an alternate mix to the finished version that appeared on “People From Bad Homes”. It has some nice Bowie bits, especially around 3:01 when Bowie can be heard telling the band what parts to sing.
Tracks 7 & 8 were mastered in the early 90’for EMI/Ryko’s re-issues but were rejected.

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