David Bowie Monsters to Ashes 1980

David Bowie Monsters to Ashes (DIEDRICH)

1 It’s No Game No. 2 (Alternate Take)
2 Cameras In Brooklyn
3 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (Alternate Take)
4 Ashes To Ashes (12-Minute Disco Version)
5 Teenage Wildlife (Alternate Version)
6 Scream Like A Baby (Early Version)
7 Kingdom Come (Alternate Take)
8 Because You’re Young (Alternate Take)
9 Is There Life After Marriage?
10 Ashes To Ashes (Live)
11 Life On Mars (Live)
12 The Man Who Sold The World (Live)
13 Boys Keep Swinging (Live)
14 Tvc 15 (Live)
15 Panic In Detroit (Re-recorded During “Scary Monsters”-Sessions
16 I Am A Laser
17 Tired Of My Life (Demo)
18 Everyone Says “Hi” (Live)

This is the complete alternate Scary Monsters And Super Creeps outtakes, including a 12 minute version of “Ashes To Ashes”…

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