David Bowie BBC Sessions 1969-1972

David Bowie 1969-1972 – BBC Sessions (Sampler)

1.Hang On To Yourself (Bowie) 2:50
Session London 11 Jan 1972
John Peel’s Sounds Of The Seventies (only surviving track)

2.Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) 3:19
Session London 16 May 1972
David Bowie
John Peel’s Sounds Of The Seventies

3.Space Oddity (Bowie) 4:15
Session London 22 May 1972
Johnnie Walker Lunchtime Show

4.Andy Warhol (Bowie) 2:53
Session London 21 Sep 1971
Bob Harris Sounds Of The Seventies (stereo)
Not broadcast

5.Waiting For The Man (Reed) 4:50
Session London 25 Mar 1970
Andy Ferris Sounds Of The Seventies

6.Interview (David Bowie Section) 1:27
London – Brian Matthew 20 Oct 1969
David Bowie Interview with Brian Matthew

7.Let Me Sleep Beside You (Bowie)2:42
Session London 20 Oct 1969

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