David Bowie Interview on Art and Music (1995) | Art on Film

On 19 April 1995, David Bowie was interviewed by ITN at Cork Street Gallery in London, where Bowie was for exhibiting his art for the first time in his career. The collection was made up of pieces created by David Bowie over a period of three decades of his life. Opened by Bowie and his wife Iman Bowie, the exhibition was attended by a number of celebrities, including fellow musicians such as Queen’s Roger Taylor (who called Bowie a “terribly talented” artist) and Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes. After signing autographs for fans waiting outside and taking part in a photoshoot beside his work, Bowie spoke to ITN’ Joan Thirkettle. Bowie discussed his “anti-consistency” approach to style, his preferred media, and the origin and meaning of specific pieces in the collection. He spoke about how much making art meant to him compared to making music, and he shared how he felt exhibiting his art for the first time (a hint: he wasn’t worried what the critics might say).

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