David Bowie No Regrets 97 And More (241 minutes) footage includes:

David Bowie No Regrets 97 And More

David Bowie No Regrets 97 And More (241 minutes) footage includes:

01. Tros, Dutch TV, 1993 – includes an interview with David in Canalot Production Studios (Dutch subtitles) also features various video photo footage throughout (17 minutes). (Dutch subtitles)

02. GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Radio City Music Hall, VH1, 15/10/1997 (21 minutes), songs are:
1. Fashion
2. I’m Afraid Of Americans
3. Little Wonder
4. Moonage Daydream

03. Show Time, Dutch TV, 1997 – includes 50th birthday concert footage, interview footage (Dutch subtitles), 50th birthday rehearsal footage and interview footage with Lou Reed/Robert Smith/Billy Corgan, also features various video footage and Basquiat movie footage (7 minutes). (Dutch subtitles)

04. Nachtkastje, Dutch T.V, 1997 – includes interview footage (1 minute). (Dutch subtitles)

05. No Regrets, Dutch TV, 1997 – includes interview (Dutch subtitles) and various video, movie and live footage (44 minutes).

06. MTV news, MTV, 06/10/1997 – includes I’m Afraid Of Americans behind the scenes footage, interview footage with David and Trent Reznor plus live footage (2 minutes).

07. Cinevisie, Dutch TV, 29/06/1983 – includes movie and video footage and a interview (Dutch subtitles) (41 minutes).

08. Lola Da Musica, VPRO, Dutch TV, 22/01/1996 – includes interview (Dutch subtitles) and lots of video and live footage throughout (26 minutes).

09. The Virgin Soldiers, 1968 – David’s appearance in the film – black and white (1 minute).

10. Glastonbury, UK T.V, 2000 – includes Ziggy Stardust and Heroes (10 minutes).

11. Spanish TV – 3 reports on concerts in Spain 1987 – include live and interview footage (6 minutes).

12. Japanese T.V, 1983 – David is interviewed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, includes Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence footage – black and white (5 minutes).

13. Schulfernsehen, German School TV, 1984 – includes footage of David at Victoria Station 1976, photo footage, Helden is played in the background (3 minutes).

14. P.O.P Tele5, 04/02/1990 – Sound and Vision press conference footage dubbed in German (3 minutes).

15. Spanish Rock, 1987 – interview in Spain – black and white (7 minutes).

16. News report on the press conference at Claridges hotel, London, 1983 includes interview – black and white (9 minutes).

17. Newsnight, UK T.V, 01/07/1988 – includes footage of David and La La La Human Steps at the ICA benefit, David interview, video footage and interviews with David Byrne and Bill McAllister (director of the ICA) (5 minutes).

18. Hong Kong TV, 1983 – interview with David – black and white (6 minutes).

19.Footage of the press conference at Claridges hotel, London, 1983 – beginning is missing (French subtitles) also features the Let’s Dance video at end (9 minutes).

20. Interview after the press conference at Claridges hotel, London, 1983 (French subtitles) (8 minutes).

21. Maggie’s Farm – promo video which is a live clip from the Amsterdam show (3 minutes).

22. Rapido – Italian TV – 03/07/1989 – old video footage, interview with Tin Machine, footage of Bang Bang at the 1987 press conference, Crack City live footage, interview, I Can’t Read live footage (5 minutes).

23. Notte Rock, Italian T.V, 01/07/88 – includes interview with David about the ICA Benefit (2 minutes).

Format Video:
Format Audio:
Language: English
Audio: Stereo / Mono
Region: All Regions
Time: 241 min
Artwork: None

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