David Bowie 1999-12-02 London ,The Astoria – London Hours – (2017 Wardour 2CD edition+DVD) – SQ 9+

David Bowie 1999-12-02 London ,The Astoria - London Hours - (2017 Wardour 2CD edition+DVD) - SQ 9+

David Bowie 1999-12-02 London ,The Astoria – London Hours – (2017 Wardour 2CD edition + DVD).
Sound Quality Rating

101. Life On Mars.flac
102. Word On A Wing.flac
103. Thursday’s Child.flac
104. Ashes To Ashes.flac
105. Survive.flac
106. Can’t Help Thinking About Me.flac
107. China Girl.flac
108. Always Crashing In The Same Car.flac
109. Something In The Air.flac
110. Drive-In Saturday.flac
111. Stay.flac
112. Seven.flac
113. Changes.flac
114. Rebel Rebel.flac
115. Repetition.flac
116.. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell.flac
117 Cracked Actor.flac
118. Band Introductions.flac
119. I’m Afraid Of Americans.flac

The Marc and Lard Show
Recorded : 1999-10-25 ,Studio MV4 Maida Vale ,London
Broadcast : 1999-10-25 0n BBC Radio One

206. Introduction (BBC).flac
207. Survive (BBC).flac
208. Introduction (BBC).flac
209. Drive-In Saturday (BBC).flac
210. Interview (BBC).flac
211. Something In The Air (BBC).flac
212. Introduction (BBC).flac
213. Can’t Help Thinking About Me (BBC).flac
214. Repetition (BBC).flac

The Saturday Music Mix 1999-10-25 ,Studio MV4 Maida Vale ,London
Recorded : 1999-10-25 ,Studio MV4 Maida Vale ,London
Broadcast : 1999-11-06 on BBC Radio Two

215. Introduction (BBC).flac
216. Survive (BBC).flac
217. China Girl (BBC).flac

The complete show Pro-shot

DVD-01. Life On Mars.
DVD-02. Word On A Wing.
DVD-03. Thursday’s Child.
DVD-04. Ashes To Ashes.
DVD-05. Survive.
DVD-06. Can’t Help Thinking About Me.
DVD-07. China Girl.
DVD-08. Always Crashing In The Same Car.
DVD-09. Something In The Air.
DVD-10. Drive-In Saturday.
DVD-11. Stay.
DVD-12. Seven.
DVD-13. Changes.
DVD-14. Rebel Rebel.
DVD-15. Repetition.
DVD-16. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
DVD-17. Cracked Actor
DVD-18. I’m Afraid Of Americans

Label : WARDOUR-295
Audio Source : Soundboard recording
Lineage : Broadcast
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time CD : 2:10:04
Total running time DVD : 1:31:47
Sound Quality : Excellent quality! Equals record or radio
Attendance : 1.500
Artwork : Yes
Upgrade : Yes

 david bowie-london-hours-Tray Outer david bowie-london-hours-Tray Inner david bowie-london-hours-Front Inner david bowie-london-hours-Disc 2


David Bowie Tour band 1999 Hours Tour
The Hours Tour was a small-scale promotional concert tour by David Bowie comprising eight live performances and numerous television appearances in support of the album Hours. Guitarist Page Hamilton, founding member of Helmet, was drafted to replace Reeves Gabrels whose final performance and association with Bowie ended at the VH1 Storytellers performance on 23 August 1999. Rumours of a split were denied by both parties, until a few months later the story changed as the guitarist admitted that he and Bowie had drifted apart.

The Tour band
David Bowie: vocals
Page Hamilton – lead and rhythm guitar
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass guitar, vocal
Sterling Campbell – drums, percussion
Holly Palmer – backing vocals, percussion
Mark Plati – lead and rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, Music_director
Mike Garson: keyboards, backing vocals
Emm Gryner – backing vocals

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