David Bowie 1997-06-16 Nantes-Reze, La Trocadiere – Nantes 97 – SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1997-06-16 Nantes-Reze, La Trocadiere - Nantes 97 - SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1997-06-16 Nantes-Reze, La Trocadiere – Nantes 97 –  
Sound Quality Rating

101. Dead Man Walking.flac
102. The Man Who Sold The World.flac
103. Strangers When We Meet.flac
104. The Last Thing You Should Do.flac
105. V2-Schneider.flac
106. I’m Afraid Of Americans.flac
107. White Light, White Heat.flac
108. The Motel.flac
109. Battle For Britain.flac
110. Seven Years In Tibet.flac
111. Pallas Athena.flac
112. Fashion.flac
201. Fame – Is It Any Wonder.flac
202. Under Pressure.flac
203. Stay.flac
204. Telling Lies.flac
205. Looking For Satellites.flac
206. Oh Superman.flac
207. Band Introduction – The Jean Genie.flac
208. Queen Bitch.flac
209. All The Young Dudes.flac
210. Hallo Spaceboy.flac
211. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).flac
212. Little Wonder.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : Audience recording
Lineage : Unknown
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 2:20:43
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio/TV apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : Yes

A complete show from 1997, and it is in excellent sound quality! A few errors been made,but are of no significance. The first one is that there is no song separation between FAME and IS IT ANY WONDER, and the second is that TELLING LIES isn’t listed on the cover.
The picture discs are identical except for the number 1 and 2 on each disc. A very nice issue well worth the money!

nantes97_tray nantes97_trayinside nantes97_book1nantes97_book2nantes97_inside nantes97_disc1”><img decoding=David Bowie: vocals
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass guitar, vocals
Zachary Alford: drums
Mike Garson: keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Garson: keyboards,

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