David Bowie 1983-06-25 Rotterdam ,Stadium Feyenoord De Kuip – SQ -8

David Bowie 1983-06-25 Rotterdam ,Stadium Feyenoord De Kuip - SQ -8

David Bowie 1983-06-25 Rotterdam ,Stadium Feyenoord De Kuip – SQ -8 .
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103. Star.flac
102. Intro Music.flac
102. Jean Genie Intro.flac
104. “Heroes”.flac
105. What In The World.flac
106. Golden Years.flac
107. Fashion.flac
108. Let’s Dance.flac
109. Breaking Glass.flac
110. Life On Mars.flac
111. Sorrow.flac
112. Cat People.flac
113. China Girl.flac
114. Scary Monsters.flac
115. Rebel Rebel.flac
116. White Light White Heat.flac
201. Station To Station.flac
202. Cracked Actor.flac
203. Ashes To Ashes.flac
204. Space Oddity.flac
205. Band Introduction.flac
206. Young Americans.flac
207. TVC 15.flac
208. Fame.flac
209. Encore break.flac
210. Stay.flac
211. Jean Genie.flac
212. 2nd Encore Break.flac
213. Modern Love.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : audience
Lineage :
Total running time : 1:51:29
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : 50.600
Artwork : None

Pictures > David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour – 25 juni 1983 – De Kuip Rotterdam

The best open-air con­certs of the tour:
The stadium has a capacity of 57,000 seats but since the stage shuts off a quarter of the stadium,38,000 people could be sealed in the gallery. 12,000 People were admitted onto the field of this stadium;
There were a lot of Bowie freaks, to be recognised by badges, T-shirts : there were also some perfect Ziggy lookalikes. The ordinary passcngers were crushed by the Bowie freaks,surprised to meet the same face on all those T-shirts.

At 6pm Icehouse began with a 40-minute set,the stadium practically full now. There was a relaxed enthusiastic atmos­ phere,everyone was gay,determined to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.There was a 30-minute pause before UB40 would come,

AT 8:25 the band came up and stated the show
Heroes too was well received and again the song was almost completely accompanied by clapping,often out of time! After the number Bowie said “Thank you very much,good evening”.
Space Oddity was sung en masse,with thousands of cigarette lighters creating a beautiful sight in the stadium. After the song Bowie thanked the audience for the applause and the whole crowd cried “BOWIE ,BOWIE” “Thank you very much indeed,good evening” was his reply. “Uhm, I’d like to introduce my band to you,but as I don’t speak your language I have someone here who will translate” Bowie said, and brought Carlos Alomar forward. “Okay,I’d like to introduce you to my band” and Carlos translated it into Spanish,which, although it sounded quite funny,was unintelligible for the audience! After the announcement of the Borneo horns,Bowie said: “Playing with me for a long time now,on rhythm guitar ….” and now Carlos must introduce himself. With some hesitation he said: “In gitarra ritmo,Carlos Alomar”. Bowie thought all this quite funny and went on: “On bass guitar,somebody from New York …” Carlos translated and Bowie finished his sentence: ” .. Carmine Rojas”. “On percussion … “ and Carlos was supposed to translate this,but he pronounced at least one or two com­plete lines and the have no idea what he was saying,but Bowie split his sides with laughter! He was positively doubling up and the audience joined in as well. Finally,after all this messing around,each member of the band had been introduced,but then the balloon rolled into the audience – probable on account of the wind. “No,I didn’t mean that,give it back” and the front lines of the audience bounced it back. “Alllright now” he said having back the balloon,and then immediately kicked it back into the crowd!
Young Americans began,but firs tit was drowned by “Bowie, Bowie!” yells which had grown even more powerful!

The rest of the concert was superior too and the audience was quite im­ pressed by the fact that the people in the back rows were singing along as happily as those in the front rows.
The conditions in the Feyenoord Stadium were perfect,the audience were quite happy and friendly and nothing serious happened.
This concert could not surpass the Brussels shows,but it was a splendid concert,and,as a Bowie spokesman said two days late later in a radio interview,it was among The best open-air con­certs of the tour.

David Bowie Tour band 1983 – The Serious Moonlight World Tour :
David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, saxophone
Earl Slick – guitar
Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals, music director
Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
Tony Thompson – drums, percussion
Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
The Borneo Horns:
Steve Elson – saxophones
Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds
Backing vocals
George Simms – backing vocals
Frank Simms – backing vocals Frank Simms – backing vocals

David Bowie World Convention 1983
David Bowie – 1983 Souvenir Serious Moonlight Tour

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