David Bowie 1976-04-10 Berlin ,Deutschlandhalle (RV) SQ 8+

David Bowie 1976-04-10 Berlin ,Deutschlandhalle (RV) SQ 8+

David Bowie 1976-04-10 Berlin ,Deutschlandhalle (RV).
Sound Quality Rating

01- Station to Station.flac
02- Suffragette City.flac
03- Fame.flac
04- Word on a Wing.flac
05- Stay.flac
06- Waiting for the Man.flac
07- Queen Bitch.flac
08- Life on Mars.flac
09- Five Years.flac
10- Panic in Detroit.flac
11- band intro.flac
12- Changes.flac
13- TVC15.flac
14- Diamond Dogs.flac
15- Rebel Rebel.flac

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:16:20
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 8.000
Artwork: None.

Perfekt Tape:
There is an interesting moment in Station to Station . Bowie comes on and the moment arrives when the band expect he will start to sing,but Bowie lingers for a while,causing a short spell of confusion in the band,a blind spot in the numher. But the band soon recover and Bowie starts singing. “Here – you – ean stay” he sings in Stay and then “You-you-you-you-you”, speeding up the tempo,like a starting train. Bowie introduces TVC15 with the words: “This is a very romantic love song between a girl and a television seL,it’s called TVC15,haha”.
The most of the tape missing a lot of parts of the songs – This tape is perfect

The Tour Band – The Station To Station Tour
• David Bowie – Vocals, saxophone
• Carlos Alomar – Rhythm guitar, music director,backing vocals
• Stacy Heydon – Lead guitar, backing vocals
• George Murray – Bass guitar, backing vocals
• Dennis Davis – Drums, percussion
• Tony Kaye – Keyboards
The band became known as “Raw Moon”

• Vern Moose Constan, Rob Joyce – Band technicians/personnel
• Lonnie McKenzie, Leroy Kerr, Lester Burton, Buddy Prewitt, Larry Sizemore – Lighting technicians/personnel
• Buford Jones, Scott Wadsworth – Sound technicians/personnel


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