David Bowie 1997-09-08 Seattle ,The End FM + The Mountain FM (Radio acoustic sessions) – SQ 9,5

David Bowie 1997-09-08 Seattle ,The End FM + The Mountain FM (Radio acoustic sessions) - SQ 9,5

David Bowie 1997-09-08 Seattle ,The End FM + The Mountain FM (Radio acoustic sessions)  
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1997-09-08 Seattle, KNDD Studios – The End
01. I wanna be your dog.flac
02. chat 1 .flac
03. Scary Monsters.flac
04. chat 2.flac
05. I can’t read.flac
06. chat 3 .flac
07. Always crashing – Bowie Seattle TheEnd 8Sep97.flac
08. dj ends show.flac

1997-09-08 The Mountain ,Seattle Radio Station KMTT
09. Intro and interview.flac
10. The Supermen.flac
11. Dead Man Walking.flac
12. interview 2.flac
13. Always crashing.flac
14. interview 3.flac
15. Scary Monsters.flac
16. Outro.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : FM Broadcast
Lineage : Unknown
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 0:59:58
Sound Quality : Excellent quality! Equals record or Radio/TV
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : None
Recommended shows : Two radio shows in Seattle in one day!

The End show here is great – an intimate and interesting one to one interview with David, it’s a really nice chat.
He’s in an enthusiastic, and very cheery mood – “shall we do the funny one?”, he asks Reeves, who replies “depends on what you think funny is?”…and with self-deprecating humour he proffers “*anything* from Tin Machine”. David reveals in the chat (track 4) that one night in a Tin Machine gig (during Heaven’s in Here) they broke into the ‘Inchworm’ song. 🙂

David’s answers to questions about his early days are an interesting insight – he talks about the records he liked, the ones his cousin Kristina bought, and of what working in the Xerox shop led to. I really, really like this interview!
I listened to it again and again while applying the fixes, and I suspect I will enjoy returning to it again in the future,as it’s such a joy to hear!

The good humour continues in The Mountain show, too, for me at least until he does the old man voice thing (grrrr…).He does interestingly sidestep a negatively worded question the interviewer starts reading out from the public’s questions, telling a story about his step-sister being re-christened Iman, as well as that being his wife’s name. The mask slips a couple of times with David and Reeves’ bonhomie together, but no matter, for the most part there’s a lot of good natured fun to this latter show as well.

Technical / sound quality notes – particularly re The End show.
The ‘TO BE PLAYED LOUD’ command is pertinent…I found in my final preparations, when skipping through the tracks at a quiet volume, the slight roughness of the recordings meant these could well be – and were – the sort of recordings I would normally skip. How wrong I was!
Both shows were speed corrected as best I could, by comparing to other shows from that time. The radio sound on the 107.7 The End show is a little rough here and there, and this increases halfway through. There is a clear stereo picture though; if the occasional roughness blights it for you, do try to persevere, you’ll be glad you did! From halfway through I had to EQ it and used de-click. It was either that and manually remove each click, which would have turned a job which has taken several hours, into several days. This reduced the interference that crept in as much as I could, and this did make it a lot more listenable. When it came to the music, the heavier treatment was only applied where necessary. Slight wonkiness in the tape towards the end meant that considering any speed changes was abandoned: on the basis of the slight wonkiness, the fact that David and Reeves possibly used different guitars (and even different keys for one song between acoustic shows), I just decided to go with the fact this sounded ‘about right’.
It is also noted that there is some wow and flutter (speed wobble) creeping in during Always Crashing in the Same Car,in The Mountain show, and in noticeable during Scary Monsters during that show too. There is nothing I could do about this, as software to deal with this can only be bought for an absolute fortune. A shame, as the company who make it could make a lot of they let people pay for one-off usage, but there you go.


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1997-09-08 Seattle ,Cater Subaru Mountain Music Lounge ,KMTT Studios (The Mountain Morning Show 103,7 FM with John Fisher ) (Radio acoustic sessions) David Bowie On The Airwaves (Live Performances 2002-2003)