David Bowie Day After Day (A Week At The Beeb 2013) – SQ 10

David Bowie Day After Day (A Week At The Beeb 2013) - SQ 10

David Bowie Day After Day (A Week At The Beeb 2013)
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1. Ziggy Played Guitar – Wednesday 06 June 2012

Ziggy Played Guitar

Duration:57 minutes

Wednesday 06 June 2012

Gary Kemp, founder and guitarist of Spandau Ballet marks the 40th anniversary of the release of one of the most influential albums ever recorded – David Bowie’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spider from Mars’, which was released on June 6 1972.

Ziggy Stardust is one of rock’s most iconic creations and his music has influenced thousands of musicians all over the world.

Gary explain’s how David Bowie created Ziggy, how the album was recorded, how it changed his life and the influence it had (and still has) on several generations of musicians. The programme features interviews with the musicians, artists, designers and producers who recorded and toured with David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust period.

Guests include: Trevor Bolder, bass player for The Spiders from Mars; Woody Woodmansey, drummer for The Spiders from Mars, Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran, Suzi Ronson, Leee Black Childers, Lindsay Kemp, Kevin Cann, Kris Needs, Ken Scott, Terry Pastor, George Underwood and Anya Wilson. ? Show less


2. Starman – Androgyny Arrives in the Living Room – 13 March 2013

Starman – Androgyny Arrives in the Living Room

BBC Radio 2
Duration:57 minutes
First broadcast:Wednesday 13 March 2013

In this episode we look at the repercussions from a singular moment on a Thursday evening in 1972 when dads were horrified and kids astonished. During David Bowie’s performance of his new single Starman on Top of The Pops, an outrageously dressed Bowie cuddled and caressed guitarist Mick Ronson.
15 million viewers were utterly shocked. It was a watershed moment in pop, marking the beginning of an era of British glamour and androgyny.
Whilst Bowie’s song Starman wasn’t that revolutionary or even original (Bowie later admitted he took a lot of inspiration from that old chestnut Somewhere Over The Rainbow) it was one of the first moments when sexual ambiguity made an explicit appearance in the defiantly heterosexual world of UK pop. To some degree this was something new, but it did have a discernible lineage.
Britain has a long history of transgender role-playing; in Shakespeare’s time, male actors would perform as women, and there was the small matter of our tradition of pantomime dames.
And it’s long been a staple of British comedy from Hinge and Brackett to Dick Emery and The Pythons and onto David Walliams and Matt Lucas. But Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust was much more radical and fascinating. For excited, enthralled teenagers, it wasn’t just that it was hard to tell if this was a man or a woman, but they couldn’t even be sure if it was human. This smiling, benevolent, alluring and mysterious stranger (or alien?) changed the way Britain dressed and what we listened to. It was the start of the process of moving the monochrome Britain of Coronation Street, muddy football pitches, bovver boots, woodchip and drab certainties into a kaleidoscopic world of possibilities.


3. I Dressed Ziggy Stardust – Saturday 16 March 2013

David Bowie – I Dressed Ziggy Stardust

BBC Radio 4
First broadcast: Saturday 16 March 2013
Duration:30 minutes

For more than four decades, David Bowie has entranced his followers. As he releases his first new material in ten years, Samira Ahmed looks at his particular appeal for British Asian women.

Across the generations, they have been inspired by the skinny South Londoner who challenged gender barriers and who played with alien identity and other worldliness. Beneath the make up and exotic costumes, he was also the intelligent, politely spoken suburban young man who you could potentially introduce to your mother.

As Samira explores Bowie’s impact on British Asian teenagers, she talks to Shami Chakrabarti, the Director of ‘Liberty’, about Bowie’s changing identities. Sociologist Rupa Huq tackles his suburban psychoses and Shyama Perera takes Samira on a journey to explain how her teenage obsession with Bowie even extended to sending costume designs to her hero – enabling her arguably to claim that “I Dressed Ziggy Stardust”.

Presenter: Samira Ahmed
Producer: Alice Bloch
A Kati Whitaker production for BBC Radio 4.


4. Album Review – Sunday 17 March 2013

David Bowie – Album Review
BBC World Service

The Strand Weekend

David Bowie

Duration:6 minutes 45 S

First broadcast:Sunday 17 March 2013

The best of the world’s arts, film, music and literature brought to you every day.
Presented by Mark Coles.

David Bowie
His first album (or public appearance of any kind) in 10 years has been met by almost universal praise.
We ask Dylan Jones, man obsessed as a young boy in the 70’s by Bowie whether it’s great, good or just so so


5. Star Special – 25/26 March 2013

David Bowie – Star Special
BBC Music 6

Episode 1

Both Parts

Duration:1 hour

First broadcast:Monday 25 March 2013

As part of 6 Music’s David Bowie celebrations, a chance to hear a programme, rarely heard since it was made in 1979, in which Bowie presents some of his favourite music, which ranges from The Velvet Underground to Elgar and Little Richard to The Mekons.


6. The Glory Of Glam Parts 1 & 2

The Glory Of Glam

The Birth of Glam

BBC 6Music

Episode 1 of 2

Duration:1 hour

First broadcast:Tuesday 14 September 2010

Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp tell the story of glam and considers how the flamboyant style of artists like Marc Bolan, David Bowie and Roxy Music, influenced later generations of bands – not least his own.
Glam was glorious. Brought on by rock’s self indulgent pretensions in 1970 when psychedelia and prog rock were at their peak, glam brought a satin and sequin-fuelled return to the frivolous basics of rock ‘n’ roll and created the biggest, brightest, shiniest beast the music business had seen.

The Glory Of Glam

In Dressed To Kill

BBC 6Music

Episode 2 of 2

Duration:1 hour

First broadcast:Wednesday 15 September 2010

In Dressed To Kill, the second part of The Glory of Glam, Gary Kemp highlights the most successful acts of the glam era and discovers why their influence is still being heard in many of today’s new bands.

In the summer of 1972, as T-Rex released The Slider and David Bowie released The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, Roxy Music released their debut self-titled album and began touring their own version of glamorous art-influenced rock’n’roll.
With stunning outfits created by designer Antony Price, Roxy became as influential as Marc and David. In fact Roxy Music and The Spiders From Mars shared the bill at several venues in 1972, playing to small audiences who according to Phil Manzanera “weren’t quite sure what they were seeing with all that glitz and glam.”

Inspired by the chart success that glam artists were achieving, several rock bands who had been carving out solid but unspectacular careers for years, also decided to add satin and sequins to their stage outfits and suddenly The Sweet, Slade, Mud, Wizzard and Alvin Stardust were among those enjoying chart success. Along with 10CC, Sparks, Mott The Hoople, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Queen, Cockney Rebel, and even Suzi Quatro, who enjoyed chart success with the help of a bit of additional glitter. Even major acts like Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones and Elton John dabbled in a bit of sparkly make-up. As Angie Bowie recalls, “thanks to David and Marc they all realised that girls like pretty boys”.


7. Marc Riley – 25/26/27/28th March 2013

It’s Bowie week this week and Marc’s like a big kid in a big cake shop.
Plus all week you’ll get to hear tracks from a Radio 1 session David Bowie recorded especially for Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley from Maida Vale in 2000.

First broadcast: Monday 25 March 2013

David Bowie Can’t Help Thinking About Me (BBC session 24.11.1999)

We’ve found some lovley archive footage of Marc talking about Bowie with record producer extraordianire Tony Visconti.

T. Rex Chariot Choogle

First broadcast:Tuesday 26 March 2013

Lou Reed Satallite of Love

We’ve found some lovley archive footage of Marc talking about Bowie with Rock N Roll photographer Mick Rock.

David Bowie Drive in Saturday (BBC session 25.10.1999)

First broadcast:Wednesday 27 March 2013

David Bowie Repetition (BBC session 25.10.199)

We’ve found some lovley archive footage of Marc talking about Bowie with legendary record producer Ken Scott.

The Beatles I’m So Tired
The White Album, Parlophone, 10

First broadcast:Thursday 28 March 2013

The Manish Boys I Pity The Fool

We’ve found some lovley archive footage of Marc talking about Bowie with Bowie band mate Bob Solly.

David Bowie Survive (BBC session 25.10.1999)


8. Golden Years:The David Bowie Story 28 March 2013

Golden Years:The David Bowie Story

First broadcast:Thursday 28 March 2013

Duration:3 hours

Mark Goodier’s 2000 documentary exploring the extraordinary career of David Bowie.

9. Radcliffe on Bowie – Friday 29 March 2013

Friday 29 March 2013

Mark presents the show solo from MegaCity in Salford, with some rarely heard Bowie tracks, and an archive interview with the Thin White Duke himself.

David Bowie Beauty And The Beast

David Bowie – Archive Interview with Mark Radcliffe (1995)

David Bowie Black Country Rock

David Bowie Lady Grinning Soul


12.Bowie at the Beeb (put this one in it’s place from 2012)

13. 2000 at the BBC’s Radio Theatre – Saturday 30 March 2013

David Bowie

Duration:1 hour

First broadcast:Saturday 30 March 2013

As part of 6 Music’s celebration of David Bowie, a chance to hear him recorded in concert in 2000 at the BBC’s Radio Theatre.

David Bowie Wild Is The Wind – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Ashes To Ashes – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Seven – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Cracked Actor – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Always Crashing In The Same Car – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Stay – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Fame – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Survive – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie I’m Afraid Of Americans – BBC RadioTheatre 2000

David Bowie Lets Dance – BBC RadioTheatre 2000


14.Freaky cover versions of David Bowie originals – Saturday 30 March 2013

Freaky cover versions of David Bowie originals

Saturday 30 March 2013

Music journalist Marcus O’Dair joins Stuart to look beyond the makeup and the costumes to Bowie as a songwriter with a selection of suitably freaky cover versions of Bowie originals.
From William Shatner’s bonkers version of Space Oddity to Leo Minor’s complete re-interpretation of Ashes To Ashes, Bowie’s classic hits are the gift that keeps on giving.

Leo Minor Ashes To Ashes

Life Beyond Mars – Bowie Covered, Rapster Records
Fritz von Runte Changed (Instrumental Mix)

Bowie2001 – A Space Oddity – The Instrumentals, Marshall Records
David Bowie Golden Years (Jeremy Sole Remix)

The Dresden Dolls Life On Mars

contamination – A Tribute To David Bowie, Failure To Communicate Records

William Shatner Space Oddity

Seeking Major Tom, Cleopatra Records

Techno Cowboy Five Years

The Ziggy Stardust Omnichord Album, Arena


Liz Kershaw with Nile Rodgers


Saturday 30 March 2013

Liz chats to legendary musician and producer Nile Rodgers about his career to date, including working with David Bowie on the most successful album of his career, Let’s Dance.

15.Tin Machine 13/08/1991 – 30 March 2013

Tin Machine

Saturday 30 March 2013

BBC sessions from Broken Records and Tin Machine.

Tin Machine A Big Hurt – BBC Session 13/08/1991
Tin Machine Baby Universal – BBC Session 13/08/1991
Tin Machine Stateside – BBC Session 13/08/1991
Tin Machine If There Was Something / Heaven’s In Here- BBC Session 13/08/1991


16.Vintage Key of Life – Saturday 30th / 31st March 2013
David Bowie: Vintage Key of Life

Duration: 3 hours

Saturday 30 March 2013

Mary Anne Hobbs starts the Bowie Weekend by revisiting the time she met David in 1997.

In this 15 year old interview you will hear the Thin White Duke tell tales of Andy Warhol, Marc Bolan, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, Brian Eno, the inspiration for Ziggy Stardust, and his enduring love of dance music.

David Bowie has a retrospective exhibition at the V&A, and coincidentally, our Assistant Producer Jack Howson, has previously created Patron Saints for visitors to the V&A.

We believe that Bowie is very much a Saint who walks among us mortals, so Jack will be creating a bespoke Patron Saint for David Bowie on the Weekend Breakfast show from listeners’ suggestions of what makes Bowie such an icon. Show producer Kate Cocker will also illustrate for longevity…

Also, of course, revelatory new music and brilliant tracks from the archives, compiled lovingly by Mary Anne. This is the best way to wake up, bar none

Sunday 31 March 2013

Mary Anne Hobbs continues 6 Music’s David Bowie Weekend by revisiting her 1997 meeting with him.

David Bowie on the Velvet Underground

David Bowie White Light White Heat – BBC Session 16/05/1972

David Bowie I’m Afraid Of Americans

David Bowie on Brian Eno

David Bowie on Dance Music

David Bowie Telling Lies


17. Bauhaus and Flaming Lips – 31 March 2013

David Bowie, Bauhaus and Flaming Lips

Sunday 31 March 2013

David Bowie and friends recorded at the BBC’s Paris Theatre in 1971 plus Bowie covers from the likes of Bauhaus and The Flaming Lips.

David Bowie And Friends Queen Bitch – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends Bombers – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends Supermen – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends Looking For A Friend – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends Almost Grown – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends Kooks – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends A Song For Bob Dylan (Here She Comes) – Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends & Dana Gillespie A Song For Bob Dylan (Here She Comes)Paris Theatre 1971
David Bowie And Friends It Ain’t Easy – Paris Theatre 1971

Bauhaus Ziggy Stardust – BBC Session 01/07/1982

The Flaming Lips Life On Mars – BBC Session 13/10/1992

The Coal Porters Heroes – BBC Session 28/10/2012

The Last Shadow Puppets In The Heat Of The Morning – Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool 2008

Ian Hunter All The Young Dudes – Hammersmith Odeon 1979


18. Cerys Matthews heads down to London’s V&A – Sunday 31 March 2013
Bowie, U-Roy and David Katz

First broadcast: Sunday 31 March 2013

Cerys Matthews heads down to London’s V&A Museum for a rare personal tour around the hotly tipped Bowie Is exhibition aided by one of the key curators at The V&A.

Bowie returned to the limelight earlier this month after a ten year hiatus with the release of his 24th studio album The Next Day. On this occasion, The V&A in London have been granted key access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. ? Show less

David Bowie Sound And Vision
Velvet Underground & Nico Femme Fatale
David Bowie Starman (Top Of The Pops, 1972)
David Bowie Diamond Dogs

David Bowie Quicksand (Demo)
David Bowie Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

Ziggy Stardust,
David Bowie V-2 Schneider
David Bowie Subterraneans


19. Johnnie Walker reflects on David Bowie – 31 March 2013

David Bowie – The Man Who Fell to Earth

Sunday 31 March 2013

Johnnie Walker reflects on David Bowie as a style and music icon, and the personification of the 1970’s in popular culture.

He visits the new ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, packed full of Bowie memorabilia, from costumes, images, film and artwork. Accompanied by Paolo Hewitt, the author of ‘Bowie – Album By Album’, Johnnie reflects on Bowie’s creative evolution and the impact he had on music, art and style in the 1970’s.

Plus Johnnie spins some of his Bowie favourites, hits and album tracks, interweaved with archive of Bowie and his friends and collaborators, from Mick Ronson to Tony Visconti and Iggy Pop. We also hear from those he influenced, including Boy George, Gary Numan and Janis Ian.

It’s not all Bowie though, ’70 Second 70s’ re-visits Kate Bush on tour in 1979 and Johnnie spins his usual selection of pop, prog, glam-rock and disco from the decade.

David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World

David Bowie Changes

David Bowie Starman

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie The Jean Genie

David Bowie Rock ‘N Roll With Me

David Bowie Golden Years

David Bowie Fame

David Bowie Weeping Wall

David Bowie “Heroes”


20. Bowie and Beyond: A Music Fan’s Guide to Berlin – Sunday 31 March 2013
Bowie and Beyond: A Music Fan’s Guide to Berlin

First broadcast:Sunday 31 March 2013

Here writer and broadcaster Danny Robins looks at what has made the German capital into a rock n roll mecca, exploring the cultural and social forces that have shaped the city’s rich musical history from Weimar times, via the Bowie years, to the techno revolution of the 90s and the still vibrant present day music scene.
Danny follows in Bowie and Iggy’s footsteps, on a guided tour with former recording engineer Thilo Schmied, who takes him around some of the pair’s old haunts and shows him round the legendary Hansa studios where they recorded, in the shadow of the wall and within shooting range of the East German border guards. Bowie and Iggy inspired a creative influx of bands and singers in subsequent decades. Danny meets producer Gareth Jones, who worked with Depeche Mode and Nick Cave at Hansa, and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, still a resident of Berlin. Danny meets more recent musical immigrants too, like Eddie Argos from indie band Art Brut, now resident in hipster suburb Neukˆlln, and the queen of sextronic rock n roll, Peaches, who takes Danny on a tour along the remains of the Berlin Wall and gives him her suggested Berlin playlist. Danny also meets German artists, including Die Toten Hosen, indie band Tocotronic and rising star of German Hip Hop, Prinz Pi. Interestingly, German is the second biggest market for hip hop outside the states, but does rap really sound good in German? And DJ Paul Van Dyk tells Danny about his days growing up in East Germany, smuggling records in over the border.
Through these meetings with musical residents of Berlin past and present, Danny builds up a picture of not only the influences that have shaped the city’s unique soundscape but also the reasons it has been and continues to be such a rich and fertile place for musicians to base themselves. Every band needs a Berlin period – but is there such a thing as a Sound of Berlin? ?


21. Adam Buxton on David Bowie – Sunday 31 March 2013

Adam Buxton on David Bowie

First broadcast:Sunday 31 March 2013

In a special show as part of 6 Music’s David Bowie Weekend, self-confessed Bowie nut Adam Buxton take us on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of one of the UK’s most colourful pop stars. Featuring rare interviews, some unheard for over 30 years, Adam hand-picks some classic BBC Bowie moments, capturing the alternative spirit of Bowie’s ever-changing persona.

david Bowie Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie Five Years
Feathers Ching-a-Ling
David Bowie ñLetter To Hermione
David Bowie The Laughing Gnome
Anthony Newley Mumbo Jumbo
David Bowie Join The Gang
David Bowie ñPlease Mr. Gravedigger
David Bowie Dancing Out In Space
David Bowie Starman
Benny Hill Ernie
The Fastest Milkman in the West
David Bowie Space Oddity
David Bowie Ashes To Ashes
David Bowie Rock n Roll Suicide
David Bowie The Width of a Circle
David Bowie Aladdin Sane
David Bowie Where Have All the Good Times Gone
David Bowie Cracked Actor
David Bowie Tvc 15
David Bowie Subterraneans
Brian Eno Becalmed
David Bowie Always Crashing In The Same Car
David Bowie A New Career in a New Town
David Bowie Helden
David Bowie The Drowned Girl
Flight of the Conchords Bowie’s In Space
David Bowie Andy Warhol
David Bowie Fill Your Heart
David Bowie Days


22. Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone – 31 March 2013

Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone

David Bowie’s Low is the Featured Album

Sunday 31 March 2013

Stuart celebrates Low, the first of David Bowie’s hugely influential Berlin LPs, featuring Brian Eno’s atmospheric keyboards to the fore.


23. Shaun Keaveny – 01 April 2013

Shaun Keaveny

Monday 01 April 2013

Simon Goddard author and Ziggy Stardust specialist talks to Shaun plus the show’s usual Earworms and Jim Jam Review.


24. Mick Ronson – The Man with the Golden Guitar – 01 April 2013

Mick Ronson – The Man with the Golden Guitar
BBC Radio 2

Duration:57 minutes

First broadcast:Monday 01 April 2013

Gary Kemp marks the 20th anniversary of the death of his guitar hero Mick Ronson with a celebration of his career.

With a stellar guest list of musicians and fellow Ronno fans including Chrissie Hynde, Tony Visconti, Ian Hunter, Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey, Gary explains why Mick is such an important figure in British rock n roll, highlighting the important contribution Mick made to some of the most acclaimed albums in rock history and why his talent deserves to be celebrated.

Mick rose to fame as lead guitarist and music arranger on David Bowie’s albums, The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs.

Through his work with Bowie, Mick came to the attention of and subsequently worked with some of the biggest names in rock. Mick co-produced Lou Reed’s Transformer album, enjoyed a stint with Mott the Hoople and then became a long-time collaborator with Mott’s former leader Ian Hunter. Mick was also a member of Bob Dylan’s ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ live band, and can be seen both on and off-stage in the film of the tour. He also made a connection with Roger McGuinn during this time, which led to his producing and contributing guitar and arrangements to McGuinn’s 1976 solo album Cardiff Rose.
Roger Daltrey employed Ronson’s guitar on his 1977 solo release One of the Boys, and in 1979 Ronson and Hunter produced and played on the Ellen Foley debut album, Night Out, with ‘We Belong To The Night’ and the hit single ‘What’s a Matter Baby’.

In 1982, Ronson worked with John Mellencamp on his American Fool album, and in particular the song ‘Jack & Diane’. In 1992 Mick produced Morrissey’s album, Your Arsenal. The same year, Ronno’s final live performance was at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.


22. Bowie’s “Heroes” – 2nd and 3rd April 2013

Bowie’s “Heroes”

Episode 1 of 2

Duration:30 minutes

First broadcast:Tuesday 02 April 2013

Bowie’s Heroes looks at the people who inspired Bowie to make music. The writers, musicians, composers and artists who’ve helped shape his work from his first releases to the present day,

By speaking to those with whom he’s collaborated (and playing the music he loves) we’ll chart how Bowie’s songs have evolved over the years.

Featuring new exclusive interviews alongside rare and archive audio, we’ll hear from many of the people he’s worked alongside, including Dave Grohl, Frank Black, Nile Rogers, Neil Tennant, Tony Visconti, Rick Wakeman, Brian Eno, Moby and Billy Corgan.

We’ll also feature musicians who cite him as a life-changing influence, like Simon Le Bon, Johnny Marr, Martin Fry, Sinead O’Connor and Wayne Coyne.

Episode 2 of 2

30 minutes

Wednesday 03 April 2013

David Bowie dvd rip only
Cracked Actor
BBC Documentary
Imagine 1975 original broadcast
This Broadcast BBC One 4th April 2013

Plus this was a interview with Alan Yentob

BBC 1 04/04/2013
The One Show
Alan Yentob on David Bowie

duration: around 1 hour


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