David Bowie Sound Of Gold – Serious Moonlight 1983 Live 10xCD/DVD Box set – Limited Edition 290 copies – SQ 8,5

David Bowie Sound Of Gold - Serious Moonlight 1983 Live 10xCD/DVD Box set - Limited Edition 290 copies - SQ 8,5

David Bowie Sound Of Gold – Serious Moonlight 1983 Live 10xCD/DVD Box set – Limited Edition 290 copies        

Sound Quality Rating

The Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England, July 3rd 1983  
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CD01-01. Look Back In Anger
CD01-02. Breaking Glass
CD01-03. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
CD01-04. Rebel Rebel
CD01-05. “Heroes”
CD01-06. What In The World
CD01-07. Life On Mars?
CD01-08. Golden Years
CD01-09. Fashion
CD01-10. Let’s Dance
CD01-11. Red Sails
CD01-12. China Girl
CD01-13. White Light / White Heat
CD02-01. Station To Station
CD02-02. Cracked Actor
CD02-03. Ashes To Ashes
CD02-04. Space Oddity
CD02-05. Band Intro
CD02-06. Young Americans
CD02-07. TVC15
CD02-08. Fame
CD02-09. Star
CD02-10. Sorrow
CD02-11. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
CD02-12. Stay
CD02-13. The Jean Genie
CD02-14. Modern Love

The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA, August 14th 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD03-01. The Jean Genie (Intro)
CD03-02. Star
CD03-03. “Heroes”
CD03-04. What In The World
CD03-05. Golden Year
CD03-06. Fashion
CD03-07. Let’s Dance
CD03-08. Breaking Glass
CD03-09. Life On Mars?
CD03-10. Sorrow
CD03-11. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
CD03-12. China Girl
CD03-13. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
CD03-14. Rebel Rebel
CD03-15. White Light / White Heat
CD04-01. Station To Station
CD04-02. Cracked Actor
CD04-03. Ashes To Ashes
CD04-04. Space Oddity
CD04-05. Young Americans
CD04-06. Fame
CD04-07. TVC15
CD04-08. Stay
CD04-09. The Jean Genie
CD04-10. Modern Love

The Canadian National Exhibition Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 3rd/4th 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD05-01. Look Back In Anger
CD05-02. “Heroes”
CD05-03. What In The World
CD05-04. Golden Years
CD05-05. Fashion
CD05-06. Let’s Dance
CD05-07. Breaking Glass
CD05-08. Life On Mars?
CD05-09. Sorrow
CD05-10. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
CD05-11. China Girl
CD05-12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
CD05-13. Rebel Rebel
CD05-14. White Light / White Heat
CD06-01. Station To Station
CD06-02. Cracked Actor
CD06-03. Ashes To Ashes
CD06-04. Space Oddity
CD06-05. Young Americans
CD06-06. Fame
CD06-07. TVC15
CD06-08. Star
CD06-09. Stay
CD06-10. The Jean Genie
Guest – Mick Ronson
CD06-11. Modern Love

The Nippon Budokan Hall, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan, October 20th 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD07-01. Introduction
CD07-02. Look Back In Anger
CD07-03. “Heroes”
CD07-04. What In The World
CD07-05. Golden Years
CD07-06. Fashion
CD07-07. Let’s Dance
CD07-08. Breaking Glass
CD07-09. Life On Mars?
CD07-10. Sorrow
CD07-11. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
CD07-12. China Girl
CD07-13. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
CD07-14. Rebel Rebel
CD07-15. White Light / White Heat
CD08-01. Station To Station
CD08-02. Cracked Actor
CD08-03. Ashes To Ashes
CD08-04. Space Oddity
CD08-05. Band Intro
CD08-06. Young Americans
CD08-07. Fame
CD08-08. Star
CD08-09. Stay
CD08-10. The Jean Genie
CD08-11. Modern Love

Las Colinas Soundstage, Dallas, Texas, USA, 26th April 1983 (Tour Rehearsals)  
Sound Quality Rating

CD09-01. Look Back In Anger
CD09-02. Joe The Lion
CD09-03. Wild Is The Wind
CD09-04. Red Sails
CD09-05. I Can’t Explain

Las Colinas Soundstage, Dallas, Texas, USA, 27th April 1983 (Tour Rehearsals)  
Sound Quality Rating

CD09-06. Look Back In Anger
CD09-07. Joe The Lion
CD09-08. Wild Is The WInd
CD09-09. Red Sails
CD09-10. I Can’t Explain
CD09-11. Soul Love
CD09-12. Hang Onto Yourself

National Stadium, Singapore, December 3rd 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD09-13. “Heroes”

Armys Stadium, Bangkok, December 5th 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD09-14. Fame

Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong, December 8th 1983  
Sound Quality Rating

CD09-15. China Girl
CD09-16. Look Back In Anger
CD09-17. Imagine

DVD01-01. Showtime For Bowie – Exclusive fan made tour documentary 41:00
DVD01-02. RAS Showground, Sydney, Australia, 20th November 1983 – Near complete pro-shot concert 1:48:00
DVD01-03. The News Reel Archive – Chronological series of news clips 1:20:00

Label : DBTB83
Audio Source : Audience recording & Soundboard
Lineage : Serveral
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time CDs : Nine discs 460mins – four complete concerts plus bonus CD of rehearsals and rarities
Total running time DVD9 : – One disc 230mins – a documentary, a complete concert and news reel archive
Sound Quality :average Good. Equals record or radio/TV apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : Yes
Note : David Bowie ‘Sound of Gold’ Serious Moonlight tour boxset gold edition contains 9 CDs (with 4 complete shows and one compilation CD of rehearsals and rarities) and 1 DVD-9 (with a fan made documentary, one complete show and a news reel archive). In addition the boxset contains:
Replica merchandise: set of three button badges, two designs of enamel pin badge.
Replica ephemera: two designs of cloth press pass, one laminated backstage pass on lanyard
Access All Areas: 64Gb memory stick with 84 Serious Moonlight shows and 3 rehearsal sessions in .flac format
Photography: One 24 page book of monochrome pictures, One 22 page book of fan photos:

David Bowie Sound Of Gold - Serious Moonlight 1983 Live 10xCD/DVD Box set -  Limited  Edition 290 copies - SQ 8,5“R-28211260-1694245692-4244”“R-28211260-1694245692-7708R-28211260-1694245692-5927R-28211260-1694245692-3809“R-28211260-1694245692-8457”

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