David Bowie Exchanges Bowie One (compilation by other artist) – SQ 9

David Bowie Exchanges Bowie One (compilation by other artist) - SQ 9

David Bowie Exchanges Bowie One (compilation by other artist)
Sound Quality Rating Excellent quality! Equals record or radio

01 – Oh Baby.flac
02 – Moonage Daydream.flac
03 – Hang On To Yourself.flac
04 – Man In The Middle.flac
05 – Looking For A Friend.flac
06 – All The Young Dudes.flac
07 – Sweet Jane.flac
08 – I’m So Free.flac
09 – Satellite Of Love.flac
10 – New York Telephone Conversation.flac
11 – The Man Who Sold The World.flac
12 – Watch That Man.flac
13 – Dodo.flac
14 – Growing Up & I’m Fine.flac
15 – Music Is Lethal.flac
16 – Hey Mama Get Papa.flac
17 – White Light White Heat.flac
18 – Stone Love.flac
19 – Andy Warhol.flac
20 – Backed A Loser.flac
21 – Mother, Don’t Be Frightened.flac
22 – All The Young Dudes (Mix, Bonus).flac
23 – Spoken Intro.flac
24 – Peace On Earth.flac
25 – Revolutionary Song (Edit).flac
26 – Under Pressure (Edit).flac
27 – Cat People (Putting Out Fire, Single Edit).flac
28 – Feed The World.flac
29 – This Is Not America.flac
30 – Dancing In The Street.flac
31 – Pretty Pink Rose.flac
32 – Gunman.flac
33 – Like A Rolling Stone.flac
34 – The King Of Stanford Hill.flac
35 – You’ve Been Around.flac
36 – Planet Of Dreams.flac
37 – Perfect Day.flac
38 – Suite For A Foggy Day.flac
39 – Without You I’m Nothing (Single Mix).flac
40 – Jewel.flac
41 – Pretty Pink Rose (Single Vers., Bonus).flac

Label : No label
Total running time: 2:36:03
Note: excellent quality recording – I’d give it SQ 9


Bowie contributed to many recordings by other artists; as composer, performer and/or producer. This is a compilation of those “side tracks”.

01 – Oh baby: This UK single sold poorly. Fans found out too late about the true identity of the artists…
Dib Cochran: Tony Visconti (vocals, guitar, autoharp)
The Earwigs: David Bowie (vocals), Marc Bolan (guitar, vocals), Rick Wakeman (piano), Micky Finn (percussions). Apparently, the Earwigs were not involved in the making of the B side (Universal Love).

02-05 – Along with The Hype, one of Bowie’s early attempts at what will become The Spiders From Mars.
Arnold Corns aka Rudi Valentino (vocals): real name was Freddie Buretti (a clothes designer).
Runk: David Bowie (vocals, guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), Mark Carr Prichard (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Woody Woodmansey (drums).
Although he was sharing the lead vocals with David, it seems like Arnold’s voice got lost in the mixing process for the first single; which may explain why only these two songs (02, 03) have since been re-issued as CD bonus tracks (Ryko’s The Man Who Sold The World & EMI’s Ziggy Stardust 30th anniversary edition). Note: the lyrics of this early version of Hang On To Yourself show some similarities with those of Lou reed’s Sweet Jane (see 07).

06-07 – As Bowie produced the whole (first) album by Mott The Hoople, All The Young Dudes, only two tracks were selected here: one because written by Bowie and released on single; the other (vinyl rip) because Bowie insisted Mott The Hoople recorded Sweet Jane, as he was a great admirer of Lou Reed.

08-10 – Finally, Bowie got to meet (the real) Lou Reed and produced his Transformer LP. Bowie’s contribution (and influence) is clearly heard on the three tracks selected here.

11-13 – The musicians on Lulu’s single are: David Bowie (guitar, saxophone, vocals), Mick Ronson (guitar, vocals), Mike Garson (piano), Trevor Bolder (bass), Aynsley Dunbar (drums).

14-18 – In those two Mick Ronson albums as re-released on CD (including bonus tracks: see 18), Bowie’s involvement was limited to four tracks, as writer only. Reportedly, White Light White Heat, recorded in ’73 during the Pin Ups sessions; was used as basic track by Mick in ’74 (hence David in backing vocals).

19-21 – In mid 1971, a GEM (management) promotional LP was pressed, containing Bowie’s tracks (including It Ain’t Easy, recorded 9 July ’71 at Trident Studio) on side A. Songs by Dana Gillespie filled the B side. On the two tracks produced by David Bowie & Mick Ronson, she was backed by the musicians of the Hunky Dory album: Bowie, Ronson, Wakeman, Bolder, Woodmansey. The two tracks re-surfaced on her commercial LP along with another Bowie composition, Backed A Loser (produced by Dana Gillespie and Robin Cable).

22 bonus track – Like many others since the Beatles, Mott The Hoople did not escape the grotesque Anthology craze in which 2/3 of the “previously unreleased material, finally to be enjoyed by all” has been tempered with in some way or other before release (when not mutilated beyond recognition). This is a good example: here, Bowie’s guiding vocals (verses only) are mixed with Mott’s released version (chorus).
You’ve got half of what you’re looking for: enjoy your frustration!
(still, we can hear the bit after the fade-out)


Dib Cochran & The Earwigs Produced by Dib Cochran
01 Oh Baby (Cochran) A side August 1970
Arnold Corns Sessions 02-04: Radio Luxembourg Studios, April 71, 05: Trident Studio 17 July 71
02 Moonage Daydream (Bowie) A side 7 May 1971
03 Hang On To Yourself (Bowie) B side 7 may 1971
04 Man In The Middle (Bowie) B side to Hang On To Yourself re-release, 11 Aug 1972
05 Looking For A Friend (Bowie) unreleased A side (B: Man In The Middle)
Mott The Hoople produced by David Bowie
06 All The Young Dudes (Bowie) A side 28 July 1972
07 Sweet Jane (Reed) All The Young Dudes LP 8 September 1972
Lou Reed out Transformer LP produced by David Bowie & Mick Ronson 8 December 1972
08 I’m So Free (Reed)
09 Satellite Of Love (Reed)
10 New York Telephone Conversation (Reed)
Lulu 11 & 12 (13?) produced by Bowie & Ronson
11 The Man Who Sold The World (Bowie) A side 11 January 1974
12 Watch That Man (Bowie) B side 11 January 1974
13 Dodo (Bowie) unreleased A side late 1974
Mick Ronson out Slaughter on 10th Avenue LP produced by Mick Ronson 1 March 1974
14 Growing Up And I’m Fine(Bowie)
15 Music Is Lethal (Battisti; English lyrics: Bowie)
16 Hey Ma Get Papa (Ronson-Bowie)
Mick Ronson out Play Don’t Worry LP produced by Mick Ronson 28 February 1975
17 White Light, White Heat (Reed) basic track 73, overdub 1974
18 Stone Love (soul Love) (Bowie) CD bonus track: recorded 13/14 December 1975
Dana Gillespie out Weren’t Born A Man LP 19 & 21 produced by Bowie, Ronson 22 March 1974
19 Andy Warhol (Bowie)
20 Backed A Loser (Bowie)
21 Mother, Don’t Be Frightened (Gillespie)
Bonus track: out Mott The Hoople The Anthology 1998
22 All The Young Dudes mix-edit (Bowie) recorded: 1972

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