David Bowie C’est La Vie (The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964-2013)

David Bowie C'est La Vie (The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964-2013)

David Bowie C’est La Vie (The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964-2013)

101. Interview (Long Hair interview for BBC Tonight ,1964 ).flac
102. I Pity The Fool (alternate version ,1965).flac
103. Take My Tip (alternate version ,1965).flac
104. Baby That’s A Promise (demo ,1965).flac
105. Silly Boy Blue (demo 1965).flac
106. Over The Wall We Go (demo 1965).flac
107. The Laughing Gnome (version 1 ,1967).flac
108. Little Toy Soldier (alternate version ,1967).flac
109. Silly Boy Blue (complete intro ,1967).flac
110. I’m Waiting For The Man (false start ,1967).flac
111. Silver Tree Top School For Boys (demo ,1967).flac
112. Everything Is You (demo ,1967).flac
113. Social Kind Of Girl (demo ,1967).flac
114. Silver Tree Top School For Boys (Demo ,1967).flac
115. C’est La Vie (backing track) (Demo ,1967).flac
116. C’est La Vie (with vocals) (demo ,1967).flac
117. Even A Fool Learns To Love (demo, fragment ,1968).flac
118. Ching-A-Ling (demo, fragment ,1968).flac
119. April’s Tooth Of Gold (demo ,1968).flac
120. When I’m Five (demo ,1968).flac
121. Space Oddity (demo, fragment ,1969).flac
201. The Supermen (BBC recording, fragment ,1970).flac
202. Tired Of My Life.flac
203. Shadow Man.flac
204. How Lucky You Are.flac
205. Lightning Frightening (stereo with complete intro).flac
206. Looking For A Friend.flac
207. Rupert The Riley.flac
208. Rupert The Riley (with sound effects).flac
209. Bombers.flac
210. Life On Mars (abbey road mix).flac
211. Oh! You Pretty Things.flac
212. Five Years.flac
213. All The Young Dudes.flac
214. The Jean Genie.flac
215. Young Americans (take 3).flac
216. Shilling The Rubes (take 1).flac
217. I Am A Laser.flac
218. After Today.flac
219. Can You Hear Me.flac
220. Win.flac
221. Helden (english-german full-length version).flac
222. Heros (english-french full-length version).flac
223. Breaking Glass (extended stereo version).flac
301. Scary Monsters.flac
302. People Are Turning To Gold.flac
303. Cat People (extended remix).flac
304. Cat People (full length version).flac
305. Walata Song.flac
306. Imagine.flac
307. Dancing In The Street.flac
308. This Is Not America .flac
309. Dancing In The Street (live version).flac
310. Al Alba.flac
311. Girls (japanese extended version).flac
312. Modern Love (the choice is right).flac
313 You’ve Been Around.flac
401. It’s Tough.flac
402. A Big Hurt (BBC studio version).flac
403. You’ve Been Around.flac
404. Strangers When We Meet.flac
405. Nothing To Be Desired.flac
406. I’d Rather Be Chrome (rare extended version).flac
407. My Death.flac
408. I Can’t Read.flac
409. Fun (Fade 2, without crowd at top and shorter fade).flac
410. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven.flac
411. Fun (Funhouse #2, Clownboy Mix 3).flac
412. Fun (Funhouse #3, Clownboy Mutant Mix).flac
413. Fun (Funhouse #5, Clownboy Mix Vocal Up).flac
414. Fun (Funhouse #7, Clownboy Instrumental).flac
415. Fun.flac
416. Mother.flac
417. Omikron.flac
418. Awaken 2 (No One Calls).flac
501. Silly Boy Blue.flac
502. Everyone Says Hi (metro remix).flac
503. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (deepsky’s space cowboy remix).flac
504. I Feel So Bad.flac
505. One Night.flac
506. New Killer Star (alt lyric fragment).flac
507. Your Turn To Drive (HMV exclusive download).flac
508. The Man Who Sold The World (fragment).flac
509. Suffragette City (fragment).flac
510. 5-15 The Angels Have Gone (fragment).flac
511. Try Some, Buy Some (fragment).flac
512. China Girl (fragment).flac
513. The Loneliest Guy (fragment).flac
514. New Killer Star (fragment).flac
515. Modern Love (fragment).flac
516. Starman (metrophonic remix).flac
517. Liza Jane (partial).flac
518. Life On Mars (with Arcadia Fire).flac
519. Wake Up (with Arcadia Fire).flac
520. Five Years (with Arcadia Fire).flac
521. Little Fat Man.flac
522. Sound And Vision (sanjay prabhakar mix).flac
601. Take My Tip.flac
602. Over The Wall We Go.flac
603. The Laughing Gnome.flac
604. Love Is Always.flac
605. Pancho.flac
606. Silver Tree Top School For Boys.flac
607. Silver Tree Top School For Boys.flac
608. Silly Boy Blue.flac
609. Everything Is You.flac
610. When I’m Five.flac
611. Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola.flac
612. Oh! You Pretty Things.flac
613. Right On Mother.flac
614. The Man Who Sold The World.flac
615. Watch That Man.flac
616. I Can Feel The Fire.flac
617. Soul Love.flac
618. Madman.flac
619. Cool Cat.flac
620. Action This Day.flac
621. Fire Girl.flac
622. Savior Machine.flac

Label :
The Godfather Box ‎– G.R. BOX 25
Audio Source :
Lineage : Unknown
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 0:00:00
Sound Quality :
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : Yes
Note: C’Est La Vie: The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964/2013 (G.R. Box 25) is a 6CD set that comes with a 40-page booklet with track by track notes. Always one to include extras, this set also comes with a Davie Jones Decca Promo Photo, a David Bowie Deram Records Promo Postcard, and a Poster with Ziggy Stardust UK “Thank You” press ad

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