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David Bowie World 7″ records discography 1964 – 1981

 Author: Marshall Jarman and Reto Stöcklin  Category: Discography, Singles  Publisher: Marmot Publishing  Published: January 1, 1994  ISBN-13: 9780952227502  Pages: 163  Language: English

Now……Here’s something you don’t see very often…… A rare opportunity to own this outstanding piece of work by Marshall Jarman Published in 1993, this soft back book is now a staggering 20 years old. The copy for sale was bought from new by me and has been an invaluable resource for reference and aspiration for my own collection. If you’re looking at this you really don’t need me to ham up the unique detail within, you should be totally aware of the content and yes, the couple of omissions that have come to light since it was published. It’s a testament to it’s worth among the serious David Bowie collector that this work has now become more valuable than the majority of the records listed within its pages! So if you ever wondered what the correct company bag for that rare PYE release single you have looks like, or what’s the difference between the original Spanish picture sleeves and the re-releases, this is a must for you. The book is in great shape, all pages present and correct, no anal annotations from me. No creased pages or coffee stains. The spine is intact with minimal crease lines Having said all that this book has been used, on a daily basis at times as a source of reference and also to check what’s being passed off on eBay as original releases. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, more than happy to supply as much information as required or needed



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