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David Bowie The Music and the Changes: Complete Guide to the Music

 Author: David Buckley  Category: Discography, Photo book  Publisher: Omnibus Press  Published: September 1, 2013  ISBN-13: 9781780389882  Pages: 176  Language: English  Dimension: 24,8 x 17 x 1,3 cm

The indispensable consumers’ guide to the music of David Bowie An album by album, track by track, run-down of every song released by David Bowie from his earlier recordings of the sixties through to Reality in 2003, as well as live and compilation albums.

FEATURES INCLUDE – A chronology of key events in the career of David Bowie Information on where and when the music was recorded Eight page colour section Full details of special edition re-issues Everything you need to know about the music of David Bowie is here!

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