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David Bowie The Bowie Companion

 Author: Elizabeth Thomson David Gutman  Category: Biography, Colleagues  Publisher: The Perseus Books Group  Published: September 1, 1996  ISBN-13: 9780306807077  Pages: 300  Language: English  Dimension: 21,6 x 14, 6 x 1,9 cm - Weight 457 grams

Despite his vast influence and perennial popularity, David Bowie remains one of the most elusive figures in rock, and few books have taken a serious look at his remarkable career. The Bowie Companion provides an entertaining overview of nearly three decades of popular culture commentary, giving full weight to his stage, screen, and musical careers. From both American and English publications, the editors have come up with some astonishing selections, and have added to them a slew of new material. Included are the words of Patti Smith, Anne Rice, Jon Savage, William Burroughs, Lester Bangs, Marc Bolan, Simon Frith, Pauline Kael, John Rockwell, and Ellen Willis, among others. Together with a lengthy introduction, a select discography, and an extensive bibliography, they make up a book that is a must for Bowie fans, and a perfect companion for anyone interested in the phenomenon of pop stardom.

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