David Bowie Earthling (1997)

David Bowie Earthling (1997)

Earthling is the twentieth studio album by David Bowie released in February 1997 via BMG Records. The album showcases an electronica-influenced sound partly inspired by the industrial and drum and bass culture of the 1990s. This was the first album Bowie self-produced since his 1974 album Diamond Dogs. Shortly after the release of this album, Bowie received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1. Little Wonder 0:00
2. Looking For Satellites 6:02
3. Battle for Britain (The Letter) 11:23
4. Seven Years In Tibet 16:12
5. Dead Man Walking 22:34
6. Telling Lies 29:24
7. The Last Thing You Should Do 34:14
8. I’m Afraid Of Americans 39:12
9. Law (Earthlings On Fire) 44:12

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David Bowie Earthling


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