David Bowie Five Years 1969-1973 – CD/Vinyl box set (2015)

David Bowie Five Years 1969-1973 - CD/Vinyl box set (2015)

David Bowie Five Years 1969-1973 – CD box set (2015)
Available as 2 beautifully packaged Limited Edition box sets; on 180g audiophile vinyl and on CD, complete with companion book featuring memorabilia, rare and previously unseen photos, hand written lyrics, original album press reviews and much more.

David Bowie a.k.a. Space Oddity
01-01. Space Oddity
01-02. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed
01-03. Letter To Hermione
01-04. Cygnet Committee
01-05. Janine
01-06. An Occasional Dream
01-07. The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
01-08. God Knows I’m Good
01-09. Memory Of A Free Festival

The Man Who Sold The World
02-01. The Width Of A Circle
02-02. All The Madmen
02-03. Black Country Rock
02-04. After All
02-05. Running Gun Blues
02-06. Saviour Machine
02-07. She Shook Me Cold
02-08. The Man Who Sold The World
02-09. The Supermen

Hunky Dory
03-01. Changes
03-02. Oh! You Pretty Things
03-03. Eight Line Poem
03-04. Life On Mars?
03-05. Kooks
03-06. Quicksand
03-07. Fill Your Heart
03-08. Andy Warhol
03-09. Song For Bob Dylan
03-10. Queen Bitch
03-1.1 The Bewlay Brothers

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
04-01. Five Years
04-02. Soul Love
04-03. Moonage Daydream
04-04. Starman
04-05. It Ain’t Easy
04-06. Lady Stardust
04-07. Star
04-08. Hang On To Yourself
04-09. Ziggy Stardust
04-10. Suffragette City
04-11. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

Aladdin Sane
05-01. Watch That Man
05-02. Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
05-03. Drive-In Saturday
05-04. Panic In Detroit
05-05. Cracked Actor
05-06. Time
05-07. The Prettiest Star
05-08. Let’s Spend The Night Together
05-09. The Jean Genie
05-10. Lady Grinning Soul

06-01. Rosalyn
06-02. Here Comes The Night
06-03. I Wish You Would
06-04. See Emily Play
06-05. Everything’s All Right
06-06. I Can’t Explain
06-07. Friday On My Mind
06-08. Sorrow
06-09. Don’t Bring Me Down
06-10. Shapes Of Things
06-11. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
06-12. Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Live Santa Monica ’72
07-01. Introduction
07-02. Hang On To Yourself
07-03. Ziggy Stardust
07-04. Changes
07-05. The Supermen
07-06. Life On Mars?
07-07. Five Years
07-08. Space Oddity
07-09. Andy Warhol
07-10. My Death
07-11. The Width Of A Circle
07-12. Queen Bitch
07-13. Moonage Daydream
07-14. John, I’m Only Dancing
07-15. Waiting For The Man
07-16. The Jean Genie
07-17. Suffragette City
07-18. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Soundtrack
08-01. Introduction
08-02. Hang On To Yourself
08-03. Ziggy Stardust
08-04. Watch That Man
08-05. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
08-06. All The Young Dudes
08-07. Oh! You Pretty Things
08-08. Moonage Daydream
08-09. Changes
08-10. Space Oddity
08-11. My Death
09-01. Introduction
09-02. Cracked Actor
09-03. Time
09-04. Width Of A Circle
09-05. Let’s Spend The Night Together
09-06. Suffragette City
09-07. White Light / White Heat
09-08. Farewell Speech
09-09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (2003 Mix)
10-01. Five Years
10-02. Soul Love
10-03. Moonage Daydream
10-04. Starman
10-05. It Ain’t Easy
10-06. Lady Stardust
10-07. Star
10-08. Hang On To Yourself
10-09. Ziggy Stardust
10-10. Suffragette City
10-11. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

Re:Call 1
11-01. Space Oddity (Original UK Mono Single Edit)
11-02. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Original UK Mono Single Version)
11-03. Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola
11-04. The Prettiest Star (Original Mono Single Version)
11-05. Conversation Piece (Mono Version)
11-06. Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)
11-07. Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2)
11-08. All The Madmen (Mono Single Edit)
11-09. Janine (Mono Version)
11-10. Holy Holy (Original Mono Single Version)
11-11. Moonage Daydream (The Arnold Corns Single Version)
11-12. Hang On To Yourself (The Arnold Corns Single Version)
12-01. Changes (Mono Single Version)
12-02. Andy Warhol (Mono Single Version)
12-03. Starman (Original Single Mix)
12-04. John, I’m Only Dancing (Original Single Version)
12-05. The Jean Genie (Original Single Mix)
12-06. Drive-In Saturday (German Single Edit)
12-07. Round And Round
12-08. John, I’m Only Dancing (Sax Version)
12-09. Time (U.S. Single Edit)
12-10. Amsterdam
12-11. Holy Holy (Spiders Version)
12-12. Velvet Goldmine


CD Box Set 0825646284085 (UK Cat No: DBX 1)

Vinyl Box Set 0825646284092 (UK Cat No: DBXL 1)

Digital download 0825646070602

DAVID BOWIE FIVE YEARS 1969 – 1973 is released 25th September on Parlophone Records

Official David Bowie Online Store pre-order page


David Bowie has announced the first in a series of box sets to showcase his lengthy, diverse career. Five Years 1969-1973 will come out on September 25th via Parlophone and will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally.

Five Years will be a comprehensive look at the singer’s early years and transition from folk artist to glam-rock legend. The set will include remastered versions of six studio albums: 1969’s David Bowie AKA Space Oddity, 1970’s The Man Who Sold the World, 1971’s Hunky Dory, 1972’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, 1973’s Aladdin Sane and the same year’s Pin Ups. Two live albums — 2008’s Live Santa Monica ’72 and 1983’s Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Soundtrack — will also be included. Each of the albums, with the exceptions of Ziggy and Aladdin Sane, have been newly remastered for 2015.

The set is topped off with a 2003 mix of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust done by the album’s original producer, Ken Scott, as well as an exclusive two-disc compilation of non-album singles and B sides titled Re:Call 1. Highlights of Re:Call include the unreleased single edit for “All the Madmen” and the original version of “Holy Holy,” the latter of which has been unavailable since 1971.

A book filled with technical notes by producers Scott and Tony Visconti, press reviews and a foreword by the Kinks’ Ray Davies will also be available with the CD and vinyl sets of Five Years.

The box set follows the 2014 release of Bowie’s first-ever career-spanning compilation, titled Nothing Has Changed. Hits and previously unreleased tracks from across his career were included on the album, which was sequenced in reverse chronological order.


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