David Bowie 2005-09-08 Live at Fashion Rocks

David Bowie EP by Arcade Fire & David Bowie
Released 2005
Recorded 8 September 2005

Track listing
“Life on Mars?” (David Bowie) – 4:54
“Wake Up” (Arcade Fire) – 5:43
“Five Years” (David Bowie) – 3:46
Length 14:23
Label iTunes Music Store (2005)
Arcade Fire chronology
(2004) Live EP (Live at Fashion Rocks)
(2005) Neon Bible
David Bowie chronology
The Collection
(2005) Live EP (Live at Fashion Rocks)
(2005) The Platinum Collection
Live EP (Live at Fashion Rocks) is a live EP, recorded in 2005 by Arcade Fire & David Bowie. They performed together on 8 September at Fashion Rocks 2005 in New York.

Bowie would later contribute additional vocals to Arcade Fire’s song, “Reflektor”, the lead single and title track from the band’s fourth studio album, Reflektor (2013).

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