David Bowie 1997-06-19 Clermont-Ferrand

David Bowie 1997-06-19 Clermont-Ferrand

01. Outside
02. I’m Deranged
03. Dead Man Walking
04. The Man Who Sold the World
05. Strangers When We Meet
06. The Last Thing You Should Do
07. V-2 Schneider
08. I’m Afraid of Americans
09. White Light/White Heat
10. The Motel
11. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
12. Seven Years in Tibet
13. Pallas Athena
14. Fashion
15. Fame
16. Is it Any Wonder?
17. Under Pressure
18. Stay
19. Telling Lies
20. Looking for Satellites
21. O Superman
22. The Jean Genie
23. Queen Bitch
24. All the Young Dudes
25. Hallo Spaceboy
26. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
27. Little Wonder


Review Christian R. 1997

13:15 =>
Arriving in Clermont-Ferrand. Only 3,4 persons are already waiting there, just in front of the West entry of the « Maison Des Sports »…

16:00 =>
Now some 20 persons wait, not so much considering the event : it’s the first-ever show Bowie gives here…

18:00 =>
I left for a moment the queue to join a friend at the station, Alain Coster. Back to the queue, we join another friend of mine, Stephanie, a fan from Grenoble, who’ve done the trip by car with me…

18:15 =>
Bowie arrives by the « South » entry, waving at us…

18:30 =>
The french fan-club president by that time, Wally is attending the show too, together with the « Inconditionnals » (« Les Inconditionnels de David Bowie » is the fan-club’s name). We soon understand they’ve got lots of informations about Bowie’s plans after the show, and we understand too they won’t share them with us !

19:00 =>
Opening of the doors. The entry is calm in the all three files. The chief of the security is a bit excited but the search for forbidden objects into the hall like cameras isn’t too exhaustive.
The hall isn’t very large, because apparently this is not a sold out concert, and the seats have been moved quite near to the stage. Together with my friends we stand now just at the foot of the stage, in the right side, resigned for what is going to be a long wait now…

21:05 =>
Some whistles are now filling the hall : the crowd seem to lose its patience, burt here’s Bowie who enters the stage : he begins the show with « Outside », not « Quicksand » as some said he would regarding some other shows before…

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