David Bowie 1996-07-12 Escalarre ,Escalarre Festival (Source 2) - SQ 7+

David Bowie 1996-07-12 Escalarre ,Escalarre Festival (Source 2) – SQ 7+

01. The Motel.flac
02. Look Back In Anger.flac
03. Scary Monsters.flac
04. The Hearts Filthy Lesson.flac
05. Outside.flac
06. Aladdin Sane.flac
07. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty).flac
08. The Man Who Sold The World.flac
09. Hallo Spaceboy.flac
10. Breaking Glass.flac
11. Telling Lies.flac
12. Jump.flac
13. Under Pressure.flac
14. “Heroes”.flac
15. Band Introductions.flac
16. Strangers When We Meet.flac
17. Lust For Life.flac
18. All The Young Dudes.flac
19. White Light White Heat.flac
20. Telling Lies.flac

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience > Tape
Total running time: 1:24:21
Note: bad/Good quality audience recording – I’d give it SQ 7+

Flyer & Ticket

This is the 3rd time that David Bowie plays live in Catalonia after his debut shows on Glass Spider Tour 1987 and Sound & Vision 1990.This show take place in one of the most important “summer festivals” called Doctor Music Festival, who disappeared a few years ago for technical location and ecological problems.David was very receptive with the media when they arrice to Catalonia and he also gave an interview to the TV of Catalonia.The show started with a hort intro and the first song was The Motel.This song in not mentioned in a few set list like the one of FM set list.David talks with the audience and they introduce the title songs before to sing.
The sound is not so great in a few tracks caused for the wind waves and some “stupid” people scream , but this is the first time that this show was upload, the show was recorded by my friend JC and the edition was by myself carbobueno.This is a new concert from my Barcelona concerts series collection.
respect the quality and do not loss in other formats.


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