David Bowie 1995-09-23 Burgettstow ,Star Lake Amphitheater (1st gen tape) (Source Steve Kilinsky) - SQ -8

David Bowie 1995-09-23 Burgettstow ,Star Lake Amphitheater (1st gen tape) (24-48bit) (Source Steve Kilinsky) – SQ -8

Nine Inch Nails set:
01 Terrible Lie.flac
02 March of the Pigs.flac
03 The Becoming.flac
04 Sanctified.flac
05 Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now).flac
06 Burn.flac
07 Closer to God.flac
08 Wish.flac
09 Gave Up.flac
10 Down In It.flac
11 Eraser (Instrumental).flac

Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie set
12 Subterraneans[Bowie Enters].flac
13 Scary Monsters.flac
14 Reptile.flac
15 Hallo Spaceboy.flac
16 Hurt [NIN Exits].flac

David Bowie setlist
17 The Hearts Filthy Lesson.flac
18 I’m Deranged.flac
19 I Have Not Been To Oxford Town.flac
20 We Prick You.flac
21 Voyeur of Utter Destruction.flac
22 A Small Plot Of Land.flac
23 Breaking Glass*.flac
24 Andy Warhol*.flac
25 The Man Who Sold the World*.flac
26 Outside*.flac
27 Jump They Say*.flac
28 Nite Flights*.flac
29 Joe the Lion*.flac

* = Dropouts

David screamed : “fucking cold” on the opening chord of Breaking glass

This is another tape borrowed from smores to transfer.
This is a 1st gen cassette tape of NIN from the Burgettstown show. I am not entirely sure if this includes all of the Bowie set or not. Seems like the taper was having trouble at the end of the show with is recorder as there are a few dropouts on the last few Bowie songs. Also not entirely sure if this is the complete Bowie set. If you can confirm, that would be great. Thanks to Gladcarrot for his very nice source of older recordings from NIN on his site:

This is the 24 bit version. This cannot be burned to a CD without being converted to 16/44.

This show is another from the collection of Smores. Some of these shows are seeing the light of day after all of these years- some for the first time since they were taped!

Taper: Steve Kilinsky
Generation: 1st Gen cassette
Lineage: Master Cassette > Cass. > Nakamichi CR-3A > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) > Adobe Audition (Normalize to -0.1 db) > CDWAVE (track) > FLAC

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