David Bowie 1987-10-13 Los Angeles ,Sports Arena - As We Lay To Sleep (upgrade) SQ 7,5

David Bowie 1987-10-13 Los Angeles ,Sports Arena – As We Lay To Sleep (upgrade) SQ 7,5

(full version upgrade)
101 Purple Haze.flac
102 Carlos’s Guitar Intro.flac
103 Up The Hill Backwards.flac
104 Glass Spider.flac
105 Up The Hill Backwards.flac
106 Day In Day Out.flac
107 Bang Bang.flac
108 Absolute Beginners.flac
109 Loving The Alien.flac
110 China Girl.flac
111 Rebel Rebel.flac
112 Fashion.flac
113 Scary Monsters.flac
114 All The Madmen.flac
115 Never Let Me Down.flac
116 Big Brother.flac
117 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family.flac
118 87 & Cry.flac
201 Heroes.flac
202 Sons Of The Silent Age.flac
203 Time Will Crawl.flac
204 band introductions.flac
205 Young Americans.flac
206 The Jean Genie.flac
207 Let’s Dance.flac
208 Fame.flac
209 Time.flac
210 Blue Jean.flac
211 I Wanna Be Your Dog.flac
212 White Light White Heat.flac
213 Modern Love.flac

Total running time: Disc 1: 78:30; Disc 2: 58:33

Audience recording
TDK SA 90×2 > TEAC cassette deck > H2N Zoom digital recorder at 96/24 bit SDHD card > Computer > DVD Data disc (transfer by Steve Keay) > iZotope RX2 denoiser tool for light hiss removal > Goldwave for track splits etc > FLAC 4

Source: Steve Keay.
Half of this concert previously appeared in Slight Seconds Volume 1 – and Steve was kind enough to respond to that by sending through the full gig.
I don’t think it’s from the same source, but it’s a good quality recording, as you’d expect.

David Bowie The Glass Spider Tour Boek part 1 David Bowie The Glass Spider Tour Boek part 2

iZotope RX2 denoiser for light dehiss.
Running a little fast – speed correction with a factor of 96%.
Significant volume drop on left channel @ 1:16 in Day In Day Out, reshaped, seems successful.
Gap in crowd noise (assume legacy tape flip) between Rebel Rebel and Fashion – simply removed.
Apparent legacy join between Heroes and Sons Of The Silent Age used as disc split.
Sector Boundary Errors fixed with TLH.


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