David Bowie 1987-06-06 Berlin,Germany

David Bowie 1987-06-06 Berlin ,Bowie Platz Berlin Germany audience recording ,audio Diedrich download

01.Purple Haze Intro.wav
02.Carlos Guitar Intro.wav
03.Up The Hill Backwards.wav
04.Glass Spider.wav
05.Up The Hill Backward Reprise.wav
06.Day In Day Out.wav
07.Bang Bang.wav
08.Absolute Beginners.wav
09.Lovin The Aliens.wav
10.China Girl.wav
12.Scary Monsters.wav
13.All The Madmen.wav
14.Never Let Me Down.wav
15.Big Brother.wav
16.87 and Cry.wav
18.Time Will Crawl.wav
19.Band Intro.wav
20.Beat of your Drum.wav
21.Sons of the Silent Age.wav
22.New Yorks in Love.wav
23.Dancing With The Big Boys.wav
25.Lets Dance.wav
28.Blue Jean.wav
29.Modern Love.wav

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