David Bowie 1983-07-13 Montreal ,Forum - Montreal 1983 2nd Night - SBD - SQ 9

David Bowie 1983-07-13 Montreal ,Forum – Montreal 1983 2nd Night – SBD – SQ 9

101 Intro.flac
102 Look Back In Anger.flac
103 Breaking Glass.flac
104 Scary Monsters (and super creeps).flac
105 Rebel Rebel.flac
106 “Heroes”.flac
107 What In The World.flac
108 Life On Mars.flac
109 Sorrow.flac
110 Golden Years.flac
111 Fashion.flac
112 Let’s Dance.flac
113 Red Sails.flac
114 China Girl.flac
115 White Light White Heat.flac
116 Station To Station.flac
117 Cracked Actor.flac
201 Ashes To Ashes.flac
202 Space Oddity.flac
203 Band Introduction.flac
204 Young Americans.flac
205 Cat People.flac
206 TVC 15.flac
207 Fame.flac
208 Star.flac
209 Stay.flac
210 The Jean Genie.flac
211 I Can’t Explain.flac
212 Modern Love.flac



“This is a new song,it is a song nouveaux, haha,and iL’s called China Girl:” Bowie says and gives a marvellous rendering of the number. The height of
the concert was Fame: Bowie took the balloon on his neck,then fucked it,and then busted it to pick up the broken pieces:
The entire concert,with the exception of Breaking Glass,Golden Years TVC-15 and Stay was broadcast on American FM radio in the series ‘Supergroups in Concert’. A 100 minutes recording,naturally at a mark 10 quality! The sound mixing is superband it gives a fine impression of the masses of The audience. Excellent quality,great concert,perfect atmosphere, what more could one wish for? George Simms’ announcement is great too,with echoing and hys terical crowds in the back­ ground.

David Bowie au Forum de Montréal

Band Lineup
David Bowie – Vocals
Carlos Alomar – Guitar
Earl Slick – Lead Guitar
Frank & George Simms – Backing Vocals
Carmine Rojas – Bass
Tony Thompson – Drums
Dave LeBolt – Synthesizer
The Borneo Horns:
Lenny Pickett – Saxophone
Steve Elson – Saxophone
Stan Harrison – Saxophone

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