David Bowie 1983-07-01 Milton Keynes,United Kingdom

David Bowie 1983-07-01 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (Doctordavros uncirculated master)

01. Intro.flac
02. Jean Genie – Star.flac
03. Lavender Blue – “Heroes”.flac
04. What In The World.flac
05. Golden Years.flac
06. Fashion.flac
07. Lets Dance.flac
08. Breaking Glass.flac
09. Life On Mars.flac
10. Sorrow.flac
11. Cat People.flac
12. China Girl.flac
13. Scary Monsters And Super Creeps.flac
14. Rebel, Rebel.flac
15. White Light, White Heat.flac
16. Station To Sation.flac
17. Cracked Actor.flac
18. Ashes To Ashes.flac
19. Space Oddity.flac
20. Young Americans.flac
21. Tvc 15.flac
22. Fame.flac
23. Stay.flac
24. Jean Genie.flac
25. Modern Love – Outro.flac

A good concert:
There was a fine atmosphere – a good concert. There was a moment when a girl who had fainted was lifted onto the stage. Bowie covered the girl with his jacket,but she managed to run off with it! For these three concerts Bowie had thought up something special. During Modern Love a crane dangled a large half-moon balloon over the audience from the back of the stage. A face with glittering green eyes had been painted on it and at the end of Modern Love came the surprise: the moon opened and thousands of little crescent balloons came swarming out; they floated through the air to land in the many outstretched hands. A lovely moment for those present,a concert never to forget.

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