David Bowie 1978-12-06 Osaka ,Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall - Reaction - SQ -8

David Bowie 1978-12-06 Osaka ,Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall – Reaction –
Sound Quality Rating

101 “Heroes” .flac
102 What In The World .flac
103 Be My Wife.flac
104 The Jean Genie .flac
105 Blackout .flac
206 Suffragette City .flac
207 Art Decade .flac
208 Alabama Song.flac
209 Stay .flac
210 Rebel Rebel.flac

Label : DBO 2269 (100% British)
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : FM
Total running time : 0:49:58
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : ???
Artwork : Yes

This recording is from the last leg of the Low/”Heroes” tour and comes directly from the LP of the same name, and has been cleaned (though a small LP pop can be heard occasionally, especially during “Heroes”), properly track split and comes with excellent cover artwork matching the original cover.
The quality of this audience recording is very good for the period (recorded from japanese FM) .


Tour band 1978 – The Low and Heroes World Tour :
David Bowie – vocals, chamberlain
Adrian Belew – lead guitar, backing vocals
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
George Murray – bass guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
Roger Powell – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals (except 11–14 November 1978)
Dennis Garcia – keyboards, synthesizer (11–14 November 1978 only)
Sean Mayes – piano, string ensemble, backing vocals Simon House – electric violin



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