David Bowie 1973-10-00 London ,The Marquee Club 18,19 and 20 October - 1980 Floorshow - SQ 9

David Bowie 1973-10-00 London , NBC Midnight Special ,Marquee Club 18,19 and 20 October – 1980 Floorshow – SQ 9
Broadcast 19 November 1973 (US only)

101. Sorrow (Mix).flac
102. Dialogue (Bowie & Amanda Lear).flac
103. Time (Take 1).flac
104. Time (Take 2).flac
105. Time (Mix).flac
106. Introduction Astronettes – Everything’s Alright (Take 1).flac
107. Everything’s Alright (Take 3).flac
108. Everything’s Alright (Take 4).flac
109. Everything’s Alright (Mix).flac
110. Space Oddity (Take 2).flac
111. Space Oddity (Mix).flac
112. I Can’t Explain (Take 1).flac
113. I Can’t Explain (Take 2).flac
114. The Jean Genie (Take 2).flac
115. The Jean Genie (Take 3).flac
201. The Jean Genie (Mix).flac
202. 1984 (Take 1).flac
203. 1984 (Take 2).flac
204. You Didn’t Hear It From Me (Take 3).flac
205. You Didn’t Hear It From Me (Take 4).flac
206. You Didn’t Hear It From Me (Mix).flac
207. I Got You Babe (Take 2).flac
208. I Got You Babe (Mix).flac

Label: No label
Total running time: 1:23:40
Note: Good/Excellent quality – I’d give it SQ 9

About the event:
The 1980 Floorshow was staged in support of “Pin-ups”, and, as always: featured a glimpse into David’s
forthcoming masterpiece “Diamond Dogs”.The reason so many takes were made was because the cameras had
to be repositioned to produce a multi-angled final product.It was performed for free at the Marquee because,
as it was a retro album; David wished to re-create the atmosphere of his early days. His band the Lower
third were regarded as so “freaky” that no-one would book them. Only the Marquee would let them play
on saturday afternoons (and prohibited them from charging admission).It was aired in the us on
Wolfman Jack’s “In Concert”.


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