David Bowie Earthling FM 1997 sessions and interviews collection 1997 SQ 10

David Bowie Earthling FM 1997 sessions and interviews collection 1997 SQ 10

DISC 1 – total running time: 83:31 (90-minute disc)


Recorded at Madison Square Garden during the rehearsals for the 50th Birthday show 1997. This is an acoustic set broadcast by the BBC on January 8th 1997.

BBC Radio

01 Interview
02 The Man Who Sold The World
03 The Supermen
04 Interview
05 Andy Warhol
06 Repetition
07 Interview
08 Lady Stardust
09 White Light White Heat
10 Interview
11 Shopping For Girls
12 Interview
13 Quicksand
14 Aladdin Sane
15 Interview
16 BBC Promo Clip

Fix notes for this edition: bit of a gentle volume boost as it’s rather quiet (60%)

B. Fun Radio – 18th February 1997 (track 17) (5:00)

French radio interview, interviewer Lorenzo Pancino.
Lineage: download from wwwl.stafaband.info (MP4) > Sony Vegas – render as WAV > iZotope RX2 denoiser tool for light hiss removal > FLAC 4
Possible that this is from an AM source, not 100% certain.

C. WXPN Philadelphia – World Cafe 7th March 1997 (track 18) (16:25)

Interview by David Dye, over telephone with David in Hollywood.
Lineage: Sony HF-S90 > Denon DRM-500 deck > direct wire > iZotope RX2 denoiser for hiss removal > Goldwave > FLAC 4
Official tracks removed – tidyup around:
43 seconds (Little Wonder), 4:27 (Telling Lies), 6:06 (Dead Man Walking), 10:40 (Young Americans)

DISC 2 – total running time: 68:20 – NOTE THAT ALL OF DISC 2 IS LOSSY

A. Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Santa Monica 20th February 1997 (31:17)

Real Audio broadcast by KCRW Santa Monica on 20th February 1997, with David introducing the Earthling album. Interviewed by Chris Douridas.

1. interview
2. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
3. interview
4. Seven Years In Tibet
5. interview
6. Iím Afraid Of Americans
7. interview

Stream captured using Sony MZ R-35 MD recorder with optical link > playback to Goldwave > SoundForge Enhance tool on +4 > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4.
Most of the three (officially released) tracks has been deleted, with fades.
There are some wobbles in the sound on track 3 around 1:01-1:03 and 2:10-2:12. I’ve recorded this twice and they’ve been there both times, so I believe it’s on the source.

B. Triple J Australian Radio, 16th March 1997 (track 8) (37:04)

Richard Kingsmill interviews David by telephone from Bermuda, for Triple J, broadcast on 16th March 1997.
Lineage: MP3 download (mono) > second channel added in Goldwave with 0.002 second offset > SoundForge Enhance tool on +4 > FLAC 4

DISC 3 – total running time: 59:54

99X Atlanta – Smith’s Old Bar

David and Reeves recorded at Smithís Old Bar in Atlanta for the 99X Breakfast Show with Jimmy Baron, Steve Barnes and Leslie Fram, starting at 7am on 8th April 1997.

1. introduction/interview
2. Scary Monsters
3. interview
4. Seven Years In Tibet
5. interview
6. The Supermen (excerpt)
7. interview
8. Dead Man Walking
9. interview
10. The Jean Genie
11. interview
12. I Canít Read
13. interview/outro/credits

Lineage: TDK D90 (source 2) > Denon DRM-500 deck > direct wire > iZotope RX2 denoiser for hiss and rumble removal > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4

Tape flip just before The Jean Genie – seamless.

DISC 4 – total running time: 76:48

A. WBCN Boston, Fort Apache,

an afternoon of questions, answers, chat and music with
David Bowie- guitar and vocals
Reeves Gabrels- guitar
Fort Apache Studios,
Cambridge, Mass.
April 8, 1997
live FM broadcast
runtime: 59:42 (minutes/seconds)

1: introduction and talk 5:36
2: scary monsters 3:16
3: talk 6:56
4: seven years in Tibet 4:48
5: talk 6:17
6: dead man walking 5:33
7: talk 6:17
8: Jean Genie 4:38
9: talk 6:33
10: I can’t read 5:14
11: talk 1:17

WBCN- FM radio > Yamaha 500 reciever with digital tuner and wire antenna >
Nak. 100 cassette deck (dolby off) > Maxell XLII-S master cassette >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge with realtek soundcard (WAV) >
flac (sb’s aligned) > torrentially yours.
recorded, digitized and posted by glasnostrd19.
A this and that production.

David and Reeves perform in front of a small audience in a studio
and answer questions from the audience. This recording is complete.
a short section from a second master tape was used to fill in the talk
when the original master tape was flipped so every word and note in
this is complete and from master recording (both made with same reciever
and Nak. 100 decks). Quality is nice and crisp and clear. this is the 1st
time this recording has been posted.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

Venue: Rocce Rossa Festival, Arbatax, Sicily, Italy, 1997-07-11
Audio Source: FM broadcast
Lineage: for example: Trade CDR (presume FM > CDR) > FLAC 4
Number of Discs: 1
Artwork: own artwork included
Total running time: 17:04

Notes: From a recent trade. What I received was just a single track, 17:04 long. I’ve made an effort to split this into songs. But…

It’s an FM broadcast of three tracks from the Rocce Rossa festival. Unfortunately the DJs have decided that (presumably to irritate bootleggers) they’re going to talk. A lot. A really big lot. Like over the songs.

So what you get is my best endeavours to separate blether from song. But you’re going to get songs obscured by chat and interrupted by chat. Make the most of the even-numbered tracks!


12. Introduction
13. Hallo Spaceboy
14. DJ chatter
15. Looking For Satellites
16. DJ chatter
17. Little Wonder
18. Outro (actually some more DJ chatter!)

DISC 5 – total running time: 57:53

A. Z95.3FM Vancouver (29:41)

David and Reeves on Z95.3FM in Vancouver on 5th September 1997, interviewed by Darren Lamb and Janice Ungaro.

1. interview
2. Always Crashing In The Same Car
3. interview
4. The Supermen and link
5. Dead Man Walking
6. interview
7. The Visa Song
8. interview
9. I Canít Read
10. interview
11. Iím Afraid Of Americans/outro

B. 107.7 The End, Seattle (28:12)

David and Reeves on 107.7 The End, Seattleís Breakfast Show with Jim Keller, at 8am on 8th September 1997.

12. interview
13. Scary Monsters
14. interview
15. I Canít Read
16. interview
17. Always Crashing In The Same Car
18. outro
19. Heroes (play-out)

DISC 6 – total running time: 70:28

A. KMTT, Seattle (29:21)

David and Reeves on KMTT The Mountain, Seattle, with John Fisher, broadcast at 9am on 8th September 1997.

1. introduction/interview
2. The Supermen and link
3. Dead Man Walking
4. interview
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car
6. interview
7. Scary Monsters
8. outro

B. Live 105, San Francisco (41:05)

David and Reeves on the Live 105 Breakfast Show at 7am on 9th September 1997. Interviewed by Johnny Steele and Lori Thompson, and also featuring Greg Proops.

9. introduction
10. interview
11. Always Crashing In The Same Car
12. interview
13. I Canít Read
14. interview
15. Dead Man Walking
16. interview
17. Scary Monsters
18. afters

Lineage: TDK D90 tape > Denon DRM-500 deck > direct wire > iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove hiss and rumble > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4
At 8:16 in the interview (track 506), there is a tiny gap, after which it appears that a different tape source has been used. Have rebalanced, dehissed and boosted bass twice on the remainder of the recording, but the timbre is different and it seems a little off station with some reverb whoosh after spoken bits.
“Afters” is chat about David’s appearance, after David and Reeves had left. Gap between, joined with fades.

DISC 7 – total running time: 59:12

A. KROQ, Los Angeles (17:15)

KROQ Tammy Bruce Show 10 Sept 97

Notes: This was recorded for me by Pip Abel, who lives in LA. Pip’s main claim to fame is he is one of the “teenagers” sitting in a LA bedroom discussing Bowie records on Cracked Actor …. and he is a great guy. He mailed me over a cassette of this show and the KROQ Acoustic Christmas – quality of this show recording is not great – I just used it as a space filler on my CDR of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas – I’ve long lost the tape so its the best I have

Recorded from cassette through an original Soundblaster soundcard, using Cool Edit 96 – crude tools, but was best to be had then – recorded onto CDR – ripped today to FLAC

01 – Always crashing the same car
02 – I cant read
03 – Supermen (Jimmy’s riff)
04 – Dead man walking
05 – Scary monsters (C&W version)

This edition notes:

I reworked with fades between tracks, as interview segments had been removed.

Revised tracklisting:

1. introduction
2. Always Crashing In The Same Car
3. I Canít Read
4. The Supermen and link
5. Dead Man Walking
6. interview
7. Scary Monsters

B. KFOG, San Francisco (41:55)

David and Reeves on KFOG San Francisco, hosted by John Gruppone and Anna Lisa, on 16th September 1997.

8. introduction/interview
9. Always Crashing In The Same Car
10. interview
11. I Canít Read
12. interview
13. Scary Monsters
14. interview

Tape is incomplete: Dead Man Walking and the final piece of interview are missing.
Some 15 tiny gaps were removed or repaired, as follows:

Track 3: 2:32 – removed, light fade-out; 8:17 – removed, light fade-in
Track 4: 12-13 seconds (Let’s Dance repair from previous repeat); 1:53-1:54 (Let’s Dance repair from previous verse, not perfect); 3:31-3:36 (repaired with equivalent section from Los Angeles 10-9-97 (again, not perfect)
Track 5: 48 seconds, removed with fades in and out; 1:10 removed; 3:41 – fade-out
Track 6: 38 seconds (Let’s Dance repair from Los Angels 10-9-97 – not perfect, but better); 1:31-1:33 (Let’s Dance repair from later refrain)
Track 7: 1:18, removed with fades in and out; 1:36, fade in; 8:09, fade out and in; 8:17, fade in; 10:04, fade out and in

DISC 8 – total running time: 71:01

A. 102.1 The Edge, Toronto (32:11)

Life On The Edge (1997) Flac [1cd]
The Edge Studio
Toronto, Canada
26th September 1997
Excellent Sound Quality


01. Intro
02. Always Crashing In The Same Car
03. Interview Questions
04. I Can’t Read
05. Interview
06. The Supermen
07. Closing

B. WBCN Boston (38:49)

David and Reeves on Mark Parenteauís WBCN afternoon show on 30th September 1997.

8. introduction/interview
9. Always Crashing In The Same Car
10. interview
11. The Supermen
12. interview
13. Scary Monsters
14. outro

Sudden fade during Always Crashing In The Same Car is on the source tape.
Tiny gap in The Supermen @ 20 seconds plugged with a clip from a previous line.
Nasty blip in The Supermen @ 1:18-1:19 addressed with a Let’s Dance repair from the previous line.

DISC 9 – total running time: 72:40

A. WXPN Philadelphia (43:09)

David and Reeves with David Dye on World CafÈ on WXPN Philadelphia – recorded at the Sigma Sounds studios on 2nd October 1997 and broadcast on 16th October.

1. introduction/interview
2. Dead Man Walking
3. interview
4. Always Crashing In The Same Car
5. interview
6. The Supermen
7. interview
8. Scary Monsters
9. outro

B. 93 XRT, Chicago (partial) (29:31)

David and Reeves on the evening show from 93XRT Chicago on 16th October 1997.

12. interview
13. Scary Monsters
14. Space Oddity/interview
15. Always Crashing In The Same Car
16. interview
17. I Canít Read
18. interview

This is about two-thirds of the full session which ran to 45 minutes.

DISC 10 – total running time: 73:01

A. Rock & Pop, Buenos Aires (41:34)

David and Reeves on Rock & Pop, Buenos Aires on 7th November 1997.
Includes an audience recording of the soundcheck.

File provided courtesy of interplay – who believed it may have originated with Steve Keay.

1. soundcheck (includes Scary Monsters, Shakiní All Over, The Outer Limits, Heavenís In Here, Driftiní, Any Way You Want Me and The Jean Genie
2. introduction
3. Always Crashing In The Same Car
4. interview
5. I Canít Read
6. interview
7. The Supermen
8. interview

Only changes were to boost the volume, fade in at the start of the broadcast and fade out at the end, and likewise on the souncheck.

Not the FM broadcast, this is an audience recording of Davidís set at the Live 105 Green Xmas, at Kesar Pavilion in San Francisco on 7th December 1997.

9. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
10. Look Back In Anger
11. Little Wonder
12. Iím Afraid Of Americans
13. Scary Monsters
14. Hallo Spaceboy

The track splits were hopeless, so I joined all the tracks into a single chunk, then recut.

On all discs, sector boundary errors resolved using TLH.

Finally an appeal. Does anyone have the missing bits:

1. WHYT Detroit, 22nd September
2. CHOM 97.7 Montreal, 25th September
3. The missing ending from KFOG San Francisco
4. The full broadcast of 93 XRT Chicago or KROQ Los Angeles?

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