David Bowie The Trident Tapes - demos, alternate versions and mixes 1970-1972 - SQ 9

David Bowie The Trident Tapes (2016 Not On Label TTCD-0001) A collection of unreleased demos, alternate versions and mixes. Recorded at Trident Studios, Soho, London between 1970 and 1972 – SQ 9

01 Tired Of My Life (demo, Haddon Hall, c. 05/1970).flac
02 The Shadowman (demo from the Ziggy Stardust sessions).flac
03 How Lucky You Are ( first version, demo, probably 04/1971flac
04 I’ve Got Lightning (studio recording c. 01/1970 (unedited version).flac
05 Looking For A Friend (performed by Arnold Corns, Trident Studios, 17/6/1971).flac
06 Rupert The Riley (studio recording, 23/04/1971, Mickey King on lead vocal, no sound effects; #recorded during the Hunky Dory sessions, c. 06/1971).flac
07 Bombers (recorded during the Hunky Dory sessions, c. 06/1971).flac
08 Amsterdam (from the 1973 7″).flac
09 Velvet Goldmine (from the 1975 EP).flac
10 Round And Round (dry mix) (from the 1973 7″).flac
11 Holy Holy (Spiders version) (re-recording, from the 1974 7″).flac
12 All The Young Dudes (Spiders version) (recorded during the Aladdin Sane sessions, 12/1972-01/1973).flac
13 London, Bye, Ta-Ta [Alternate Stereo Mix].flac
14 The Prettiest Star (original mono single version).flac
15 Starman (original single mix).flac
16 Conversation Piece.flac

This edition would appear to be made from the beautiful quality “EMI Demos” tape (tracks 1-6) with the addition of various alternate takes, versions or mixes for the others.
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