David Bowie Unauthorised Virgin

David Bowie Unauthorised Virgin – SQ 10 (DIEDRICH)

01 Funhouse (Clownboy Instrumental).
02 Funhouse (Clownboy Mix).
03 Funhouse Clownboy Mutant Mix).
04 Funhouse (Clownboy Vocals Up Mix)
05 Funhouse (Fade 2 Mix).
06 Tryin’ To Get To Heaven.
07 The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (150bpm mix)
08 I Can’t Read (BBC 8 Jan 97 – not broadcast).
09 Funhouse (BowieNet Mix).
10 Rustic Overtones ftg David Bowie – Man Without A Mouth.
11 Rustic Overtones ftg david Bowie – Sector Z.
12 Fun (Dillinja Mix).

This CD was compiled with in-house only tracks shared by a collector (sorry, I can’t name him) in 2002 or early 2003. The bootleg appeared a few months later and the bootlegger added the Rustic Overtones’ tracks.

“Fun/Funhouse” and “Tryin’ To Get Into Heaven” are thought to have been recorded in 1998 and “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” in 1999. The Rustic Overtones’ tracks are from their 2001 album, Viva Nueva!

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