David Bowie 1970-03-25 BBC Sounds Of The Seventies - SQ -8

David Bowie 1970-03-25 BBC Sounds Of The Seventies –
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Broadcast om 1970-04-06 Anfy Ferrris Show and repeated on the 11-05-1970 David Symonds Show
Studio The Playhouse Theatre London

01. BBC Introduction – Waiting for the Man.
02. Width of a Circle
03. Wild Eyed Boy from Free cloud
04. Outro BBC
05. Superman – Bonus ,Not Broadcast BBC 25-03-1970.

Sound Quality: Noise ,dull ,but still good listened to

These versions are easily recognized by the distinctive heavy Hype sound. Although ‘Waiting For The Man’ was done twice later for the BBC, this version with its opening power chording cannot be mistaken. Many sources claimed that ‘Supermen’ from this session was found on The ’69 Tapes (Quality Productions QCP 69006) and MissingLinksOneZiggy (Icon One) CDs, but this definitely is not true; this version is a demo. The BBC version can be identified by a slower tempo and the line “And icy-cold in super fear, their endless tragic lives would stretch beyond the lavish gift, infinity, existing perverse serenity”, whereas Bowie sings “Gloomy browed with super fear, their tragic, endless lives, could heave nor sigh, the flesh machines, marble age, wondrous beings chained to live” in the demo on The ’69 Tapes

David Bowie: vocals and guitar;
Mick Ronson: guitar;
Tony Visconti: bass;
John Cambridge: drums.
Produced by Bernie Andrews.

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