David Bowie And Tina Turner 1985

David Bowie And Tina Turner 1985-03-23+24 Birmingham, United Kingdom (Bowie Turner 1985 SBD -SK)

David Bowie Duetted with Tina Turner

1 Tonight
2 Lets Dance

The whole concert has been taped,but so far I only possess the extra. “I hope you don’t mind waiting for this” Tina says when she returns on stage. “I just decided that after all that work I would kind of look pretty for ya”. “Actually this is a song that David Bowie and Iggy Pop wrote a long time ago,and David and I recorded it on his last David Bowie Tonight album, and we’re gonna do that together ,Tonight: (the audience go HYSTERICAL!) and I want you to swing with me and we’re gonna sing it together tonight”. The band starts playing the first notet;,then Tina in her powerful voice sings the first stanza. The audience join in,but when at the first strophe Bowie comes on they go into fresh fits of hysteria and scream their heads off. Laughing ,dressed in a white waiter­ jacket,Bowie puts in his first live appearance since his moving Hong Kong concert.
A splendid combined drawing-out of Bowie and Tina brings the song to a close,and one can hear the audience screaming and laughing with excitement – there are some for whom it was such an overwhelming surprise that they can only stare,round-eyed,open-mouthed,as in ecstasy. “Good surprise,huh!” Tina laughs. Then it is Bowie’s turn to speak:
“I’d like to say that this was a privilege to be on the same stage as you tonight. It’s about the hottest place in the uni­verse,haha!”. Very true indeed …. Then follows a short rende­ring of Let’s Dance,a swinging rock & roll number from the sixties by Chris Montez.which blends into Bowie’s Let’s Dance. The song ends.Bowie says “thank you”.then continues for a while together with Tina’s guitarists and saxophonist who ex­cell in lengthy solo parts.

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