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Bowie’s label initially rejected ‘Ziggy Stardust’, says session drummer

The label refused to release Bowie's masterpiece until he came up with a lead single David Bowie‘s masterpiece ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...
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Video : David Bowie postage stamps

In the year that would have marked his 70th birthday, Royal Mail is issuing a set of 10 stamps to honour David Bowie. The late singer’s life as ”one...
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Campaign For David Bowie ‘Thunderbolt’ Memorial In Brixton Launched

David Bowie fans are raising money for a memorial statue marking the late music icon’s London birthplace. The statue in question would be shaped...
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David Bowie A Look Back at His ’90s Era

By the late '80s, Bowie was an "adult contemporary" artist. Then, Reeves Gabrels helped him return to form. This month marks the twentieth anniversary of David Bowie’s Earthlingalbum, a record that saw him experimenting with new forms of electronic dance music. It...

Grammys 2017: David Bowie Won His First Real Grammys

In case you were in doubt about the fact that Recording Academy members don’t always make the best choices, consider that David Bowie had never won a musical award at the Grammys until the year following his death. His past laudations have been for a music video...

David Bowie’s No Plan EP for vinyl and CD release

David Bowie‘s No Plan EP is to be released on CD and special vinyl formats. The four-track EP was previously a digital-only release, but will now be available physically, including a limited edition made-to-order numbered die-cut package with 12” white vinyl and an...

Video :David Bowie – Metamorphosis- An Eclectic Documentary

On this day, 08.01.2017, that would be David Bowie's 70th birthday, Not Only Fashion Caffe' is paying Tribute to his Life and career with this remarkable Eclectic Documentary. It's Our Gift to the Man who changed the music. MENU: 00:00-02:30 - INTRO 02:30-07:58 -...

David Bowie’s “Earthling” is 20 years old today

Bowie, both insider and outsider, marked his 50th year by issuing his fist self-produced album since "Diamond Dogs Context is everything when it comes to music fandom. Anyone who became a fan of the Rolling Stones circa the disco-fied hit “Miss You” likely views the...

David Bowie launched Ziggy Stardust in Aylesbury 45 years ago

“I was there” legendary drummer Woody Woodmansey recalls the night that he and David Bowie launched Ziggy Stardust in Aylesbury's Friars club 45 years ago this week And one man who remembers the historic night all too well is ‘last surviving original Spider’ and the...

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