David Bowie 2003-08-19 New York ,Poughkeepsie ,The Chance (Warm-Up show for A Reality Tour) - SQ 9

David Bowie 2003-08-19 New York ,Poughkeepsie ,The Chance (Warm-Up show for A Reality Tour) – SQ 9

101 intro 1 – crowd.flac
102 intro 2 – announcements.flac
103 intro 3 – more crowd.flac
104 intro 4 – db.flac
105 Reality.flac
106 Modern Love.flac
107 New Killer Star.flac
108 Cactus.flac
109 Battle For Britain (The Letter).flac
110 Pablo Picasso.flac
111 Afraid.flac
112 Fall Dog Bombs The Moon.flac
113 Sister Midnight.flac
114 I’m Afraid Of Americans.flac
115 She’ll Drive The Big Car.flac
116 Suffragette City.flac
117 encore applause.flac
118 -asE (use as end of disc.flac
219 -asB (use as beginning of disc).flac
220 intro & false start.flac
221 Fantastic Voyage.flac
222 Never Get Old.flac
223 The Man Who Sold The World.flac
224 Rebel Rebel.flac
225 Hang On To Yourself.flac
226 Heathen (The Rays).flac
227 applause & crowd.flac

This tape was made with Coresounds High End Binaural Microphones from the far edge of the pit in front of Mike & Earl. The left microphone was pointed directly at the left stack and the right directly at the center of the stage. The result was way too much yak from my neighbors and plenty of great sound from the stack. Should have just stood in front of the stack.

You can tell my tape by the couple behind me chatting it up and catcalling db. Their telltale “We Love You” screams during Cactus & Some sing-along moments during Suffragette City. Should have just gotten right in front of the stacks, eh? Funny part was that the crowd was real hipsters. Very NYC in their expectations and the show was too relaxed for them. db makes fun of their lackadsical applause when he returns after the encore and jokes that it’s the first time any band has ever been called back for an encore ever in the in entire state of NY.

Eventually I mixed 100% of the left channel into 30% of the right, and that is what I used for the right channel, and what you have here.

The CSHEBs utilize DPA 4061 capsules and we’ll refer to them as DPA 4061 for this. So the lineage of this looks like:

DPA 4061 > Coresounds Battery Box (Bass roll off filter ON) > M1. Transferred to the hard drive through an Onkyo SE-U55 with Charismac’s Audioscribe, cut into tracks and edited with Felt Tip Sound Studio. xACT was used to align sector boundaries and create & verify FLAC files.

The band:
David Bowie – vocals, guitars, stylophone, harmonica
Gerry Leonard – guitar, backing vocals, arrangements
Earl Slick – guitar
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass, vocals
Mike Garson – piano, keyboards
Catherine Russell – backing vocals, percussion, keyboards & guitars
Sterling Campbell – drums & percussion

Managed a ticket for this, but there were plenty available if you just showed up. The ones from scalpers were $50, the ones from eBay were $150.

My Favorite David Bowie Memory: Bowie at The Chance
By Robyn Taylor January 11, 2016 9:36 AM

Growing up in the 1970s, David Bowie was a big part of my teenage years. I’m sure I have shared the stories many times of how I used to drive around with my friends Fanny, Pam, and Melinda in Fanny’s AMC Hornet listening to The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. There wasn’t anyone cooler than us back in those days. At least that’s how we felt. And there definitely wasn’t anyone cooler than David Bowie.
Fast forward twenty something years to 2003. There was a big buzz that David Bowie was going to be playing at The Chance right here in Poughkeepsie. Bowie at The Chance? No way! But it was true. Most of the tickets went to the members of Bowie’s fan club who had first dibs. But sometimes working at a radio station works in your favor. Did we get into The Chance that night? Not exactly, but we did get to stand in the doorway to the side of the stage. We had a perfect view, and the sound was awesome. And David Bowie’s super model wife Iman walked right past us. We were only feet away from David Bowie, and within walking distance to home. It’s a night I’ll never forget.
I still can’t believe David Bowie has died. I had no idea that he was sick. He was a true legend. Musician, actor, innovator. Thanks for the great music and the memories. Rest in Peace, David. You really made the grade.

David Bowie, The Chance Theatre, Poughkeepsie, New York, 19-08-03
19/08/03 17:35 Filed in: Gigs

Tonight I felt changed. Not for the first time or the last had he been responsible but it was a watershed moment. I’d only ever seen him in stadiums or the Hammersmith Odeon balcony. This was a world away. I could not believe the size of the venue. It was tantamount to him playing in your living room!

I’ve never felt such a sense of excitement and anticipation. I’d be lying if I said the other attendees weren’t a part of that. Having spent the day building up outside the venue with so many wonderful Bnetters, whipping each other up into frenzy, was thrilling and I felt honoured to be part of it.

Clad in pale blue denim trousers and jacket with a black T shirt saying ‘Metal World’ he looked the picture of perfection. The band cracked into the title track from the new album. Then.. Modern Love. I was really shocked to hear this one, very ripped up and fast but a wonderful surprise.

The show was extremely well balanced, 3 songs from Heathen (Afraid, Cactus and the title track to finish), greeted like the classics they have become, a couple of oldies and 6 songs from Reality.

I was feeling nervous about the new songs and clearly so was he. At first I thought it might be false modesty but he really did seem to be worried about how the new material might go down and how it might sound. It’s a mystery to me why Never Get Old isn’t the first single. New Killer Star is a wonderful record (played *so* well tonight and sang with heart by everyone; amazing considering it hasn’t been released yet) and definitely a single but Never Get Old is just superb.

Fall Dog went down extremely well, a lovely song. He didn’t fail to notice our appreciation and how well these tunes were going down. Pablo Picasso almost brought the roof caving in. And they just kept on coming: Battle For Britain; TMWSTW; Rebel Rebel and a temperature-raising version of Iggy’s Sister Midnight, followed by a great rendition of I’m Afraid of Americans.

The crowd packed into this tiny theatre were hot and sweaty throughout, gasping for air.I have never jumped and sang and hollered as loud in my life. How can you go back to arenas once you’ve been to a show of this size? Waiting outside the venue before the show, the band, then David, arrived and waved. He came out and talked to everyone, exhibiting the charm I’ve been told about. He signed various things and, having never been as close to him, I was rather open-mouthed I think. But it occurs to me that the guy who said hi to us and was not the same guy as the one on stage. He goes through a transformation the like of which I’ve never seen, a supreme act. He is simply mesmerising on stage.

Allow me a shallow moment: I must tell you that this man has been working out, and I don’t just mean boxing: I mean down the gym! He has not looked this good since the disrobing performances of Tin Machine. The piercing screams of the teens behind me attested to that.

And don’t even get me started on Hang On To Yourself, Suffragette City and an exquisite version of Fantastic Voyage: these songs rocked the Chance so much they’ll need to put in new floors tomorrow!

This year (and some of next) are going to be shows like you’ve never seen, and I know you’ve seen it all. He’s so fit and raring to go. He’s ready for this world tour, and so are we. See you on the road!

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