David Bowie 1997-01-09 Birthday Celebration Live In NYC SQ -9

David Bowie 1997-01-09 Birthday Celebration Live In NYC SQ -9

101 – Little Wonder.flac
102 – The Hearts Filthy Lesson.flac
103 – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (With Frank Black).flac
104 – Fashion (With Frank Black).flac
105 – Telling Lies.flac
106 – Hallo Spaceboy (With Foo Fighters).flac
107 – Seven Years In Tibet (With Dave Grohl).flac
108 – The Man Who Sold The World.flac
109 – The Last Thing You Should Do (With Robert Smith).flac
110 – Quicksand (With Robert Smith).flac
111 – Battle For Britain.flac
112 – Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty).flac
113 – I’m Afraid Of Americans (With Sonic Youth).flac
201 – Looking For Satellites.flac
202 – Under Pressure (With Gail Ann Dorsey).flac
203 – “Heroes”.flac
204 – Queen Bitch (With Lou Reed).flac
205 – I’m Waiting For The Man (With Lou Reed).flac
206 – Dirty Blvd. (With Lou Reed).flac
207 – White Light White Heat (With Lou Reed).flac
208 – Moonage Daydream.flac
209 – Happy Birthday (The Crowd).flac
210 – All The Young Dudes (With Bill Corgan).flac
211 – The Jean Genie (With Bill Corgan).flac
212 – Space Oddity.flac
Dressing Room Sequence:
213 – I Can’t Read (Dressing Room Sequence).flac
214 – Repetition (Dressing Room Sequence).flac

David Bowie and his contingency of superstar guests blew the big steel doors off of Madison Square Garden on January 9, 1997 during his 50th birthday bash. The supporting cast included such luminaries as Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Robert Smith of the Cure, and Lou Reed.


During the opening number, “Little Wonder” (from the forthcoming Earthling album),a transparent screen, on which videos were superimposed, hung at stage front. Midway through the song, the screen lifted, allowing a clearer view of the band. Bowie looked elegant as hell, dressed in a knee-length jacket over an otherwise all-black outfit, sporting a well-trimmed goatee and a spiked coif of flaming red hair.

After a couple more songs, among them “Scary Monsters,” the guests started to filter in, including the Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth and Robert Smith. Needless to say, the biggest response was awarded to “the King of New York” (Bowie’s words), Lou Reed.


In 1979, Jean Rook, of the Daily Express, asked him how he would face up to being 50 years old. “I shall welcome it, Lord yes,” Bowie responded. “Pop stars are capable of growing old. Mick Jagger at 50 will be marvelous — a battered old rouÈ — I can just see him.
An aging rock star doesn’t have to opt out of life. When I’m 50, I’ll prove it.”


Bowie’s Band:
Reeves Gabrels – Guitar
Mike Garson – Keyboards
Zack Alford – Drums
Gail Ann Dorsey – Bass

David Bowie 50th Birthday



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