David Bowie 1990-06-16 Cleveland,OH,USA

David Bowie 1990-06-16 Cleveland,OH,USA(1st gen)

01. Announcement_Ode to Joy.flac
02. Space Oddity.flac
03. Changes.flac
04. Rebel Rebel.flac
05. Ashes to Ashes.flac
06. Fashion.flac
07. Band Intro.flac
08. Life on Mars.flac
09. Pretty Pink Rose.flac
10. Stay.flac
11. Blue Jean.flac
12. Lets Dance.flac
13. Sound & Vision.flac
14. Ziggy Stardust.flac
15. China Girl.flac
16. Station to Station.flac
17. Young Americans.flac
18. Suffragette City.flac
19. Fame 90.flac
20. “Heroes”.flac
21. Encore break-Audience.flac
22. Panic in Detroit.flac
23. The Jean Genie[cut].flac
24. The Jean Genie [Complete].flac
25. Fame [Soundcheck].flac

Received this tape as 1st Gen in a trade many moons ago I can’t remember who from, not a brilliant recording but probobly the best around.
Bowie does a lot of talking and also says tonight it’s Panic in Cleveland not Detroit.
The 1st Gen tape cuts off after 3mins of The Jean Genie, but I have added a full version from a second source of inferior quality as a bonus.
This also includes 55 seconds from the soundcheck also has a bonus track.

Maxell HG Cassettes > Technics Cassette deck > HDD via Soundforge 8 > SF8 for track split & some volume increase > TLH Flac 5 > YOU

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