David Bowie 1972-10-07 Chicago ,Auditorium Theatre – Woming The Windy City - SQ 7,5

David Bowie 1972-10-07 Chicago ,Auditorium Theatre – Woming The Windy City –
Sound Quality Rating

101 – Ode To Joy – Hang On To Yourself.flac
102 – Ziggy Stardust.flac
103 – The Supermen.flac
104 – Queen Bitch.flac
105 – Changes.flac
106 – Life On Mars.flac
107 – Five Years.flac
108 – Space Oddity.flac
109 – Andy Warhol (Incl. Restart).flac
110 – My Death.flac
211 – The Width Of A Circle.flac
212 – Band Intro, John I’m Only Dancing.flac
213 – Moonage Daydream.flac
214 – Starman.flac
215 – Waiting For The Man.flac
216 – White Light White Heat.flac
217 – Suffragette City.flac
218 – The Jean Genie – Ode To Joy.flac

Label: KTLA CD13 1/2
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:26:11
Sound Quality : Not good ,much Noise ,very dull
Attendance: 4.300
Artwork: Yes.

 david-bowie-WOMING-THE-WINDY-CITY-10-07 david-bowie-WOMING-THE-WINDY

“Thank you very much,were gonna do a number from the Hunk Dory Album it’s called Life on Mars Bowie tells the audience who are reasonably enthusiastic and clap along with many a song.Afrer Five fears Bowie gets his 12-string guitar shouldered for Space Oddity,and meanwhile people from the audience call out the names of their favorite songn,e.g. Andy Warhol and Saviour Machine. Space Oddity Starts and the audience quite enjoy that too.It is splendidly performed with Robson playing the second part.
At the beginning of Andy Warhol Bowie stops and a lot of screaming of the audience can he heard. Something is happening with over-enthusiastic fans or something of the sort; at least Bowie soon continues.
This time Bowie does not announce My Death and when it Starts no one applauds,for no one knows it. But the audience are quite silent while the song lasts and gives it a great applause when it is over.
To Moonage Daydream Bowie.says “This is a number by Ziggy” and for the first line e he sings – off key – “Well I’m an ace invader”! Not very successful,so he stops immediately and starts anew. “This is a number from Ziggy,it’s Called Moonage Daydream .
“Thank you!” he calls gratefully when he is called back for Jean Genie. “We’ve done some recording and this is one we recorded in New York,and it’s for a friend of ours,Iggy Pop. He’s not here tonight so it’s for you here,it’s called Jean Genie. After this song there is Rock & Roll Suicide.



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