David Bowie 1968-05-13 BBC Session Top Gear - John Peel

David Bowie 1968-05-13 BBC Session Top Gear – John Peel
Studio Piccadiily 1 Studio ,London
Aired on 26-05-68 and repeated on 20-06-68

01 In The Heat Of The Morning .flac
02 London Bye Ta Ta .flac
03 Karma Man .flac
04 Silly Boy Blue (was not originally broadcast).flac

but the last song was not broadcast. ‘When I’m Five’ was released in 1982 as B-side of the ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ outtake on the DREAM DM 100 bootleg single. As it was used in 1969 for the “Love You Till Tuesday” film, the song in 1984 officially appeared on its soundtrack and ultimately on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie. The other songs appeared for the first time on Bowie At The Beeb.

In The Heat Of The Morning — the first lines are similar to the studio version: “The blazing sunset in your eye will tantalize every man who looks your way/I watch them sink before you gazed/Senorita, sway/Dance with me before their frozen eyes”; Silly Boy Blue —”Lamas are walking the Botella lane” and Bowie sings a repeated “Chimi Chimi Chimi”. Karma Man and London Bye Ta-Ta were played for a politely clapping audience on the 05-02-70 Sunday Show, and When I’m Five was played only this once

David Bowie – vocals and guitar
The Tony Visconti Orchestra (Fourteen Musicians)
Herbie Flwers – bass
Barry Morgen – drums
John McLaughlin – guitar
Alan Hawkshaw – keyboards
Tony Visconti and Steve Peregrin Took – backing vocals

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