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Listen : Bowie’s “Heroes” Explored in New BBC Special

Florence Welch hosts the documentary, featuring appearances from Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, and Tony Visconti This weekend, BBC World Service celebrated the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s album “Heroes” with a new documentary hosted by Florence Welch of Florence , features anecdotes from Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, producer Tony Visconti, and archival interviews with Bowie himself. Listen to the full program here. Heroes was recently reissued as part of the career-spanning boxset, A New Career in a New Town (1977-1982). The boxset includes the trio of Brian Eno-produced “Berlin” albums discussed in the documentary, as well as a remix of Lodger by frequent collaborator Visconti.   (Visited 28 times,...

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How ‘Ashes To Ashes’ Put The First Act Of David Bowie’s Career To Rest

David Bowie performing live in 1978. A new box set collects all of Bowie’s albums released between 1977 and 1982 In 1980, David Bowie was in the middle of a new kind of transformation. After launching himself to stardom in 1969 with his first hit single, “Space Oddity,” he spent a decade morphing from Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane to Halloween Jack to The Thin White Duke — a series of characters that also emblemized radically different approaches to rock music, from sci-fi glam to stark experimentalism. By the end of the ’70s, however, he dispensed with such...

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David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’: How Berlin Shaped Eclectic 1977 Masterpiece

Beside the Berlin Wall, Bowie made music to uplift the world Fully settled in Berlin, with a work system established and in a far better place, physically and emotionally, than he’d been in years, David Bowie completed the second LP in his Berlin Trilogy quickly and efficiently. He began right after wrapping Lust for Life, his second collaborative home run with Iggy Pop. Bowie co-conspirator Brian Eno had also been on creative fire in Germany. He’d just completed work with “kosmische musik” pioneers Cluster, plus material for his forthcoming solo album, Before and After Science. Then he got down to reuniting with Bowie...

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How David Bowie, Brian Eno Revolutionized Rock on ‘Low’

Singer-songwriter, producer devised ‘a new musical language’ in Berlin with help from Tony Visconti In a career marked by sharp turns, Low might be David Bowie’s sharpest – and most impressive. The first of Bowie’s Berlin trilogy represents both a personal and aesthetic overhaul. With his coke-crazed L.A. days behind him, the artist found new life in Europe, which offered an escape from his megacelebrity status, as well as detox opportunities and a chance to harness new sounds, notably Germany’s proto-techno “kosmische musik,” also known as krautrock. From a creative and a political perspective, Bowie saw the divided city of Berlin as...

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